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Important update from trust & safety: new features improve launch experience & design protection


Teespring’s Trust and Safety team works to ensure all Creator’s designs are protected and all campaigns launched on the site follow Teespring’s policies.

“Report a Campaign”: Teespring makes it easier to flag problematic content

We are excited to announce that we are launching a new “Report a Campaign” option from every single one of our campaign pages!

Teespring strives to be the the best in the business when it comes to protecting creator intellectual property rights. We have made the reporting process clear and simple by creating easy-to-use webforms that are accessible from our website. However, we have heard feedback from you that the ability to report a campaign straight from the campaign page would make the reporting process even easier.

The option to “Report a Campaign” is now directly on the campaign page. If you believe that a campaign violates your intellectual property rights, directly copies your previously launched Teespring campaign, or violates our acceptable use policies, you will have a simple way to flag that campaign to us. As always, each reported campaign will be reviewed and handled according to our policies. We hope that this new feature can save you lots of time!

New feature added to the Teespring launch flow

Today we are launching an update to our Teespring launch flow that will remove the frustration of launching a campaign to find out later that it has been suspended. The Teespring designer is there to help you launch your designs efficiently and worry free – this new functionality will hugely improve that experience.

There are two new checkpoints that you’ll soon see in the designer flow:  

Step 1: Uploading your artwork – If our system indicates that your design might belong to someone else, you will receive a pop-up notification. From there, you have the option to upload a different piece of original art, or let us know that you have authorization to use that design.


Step 2: Describing your campaign – Once you choose a title, URL, and description, our system will scan your entry and let you know if it detects any terms that could be problematic. Before you launch, a popup will alert you if you need to change any of the terms you included.


We know that our Creators put a lot of time and effort into launching and advertising their campaigns. This new feature will largely prevent wasted efforts on campaigns removed for violating our policies. We hope that by notifying you at launch, you are able to learn what designs may infringe upon the rights of others and focus on launching and promoting designs that are your own creative works.

As always, if you have questions or issues, email [email protected].



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