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How to start selling with Teespring

You’ve just signed up to Teespring but you’re not sure what to do next? Don’t worry! We’ve created two quick videos to help you begin building your successful business with Teespring. 


First let’s go over the basics.

  • Create product: To start you’ll want to create your first product. Get tips on how to create designs here and learn more about launcher design file tips and tools here.
  • Order sample: Next let’s order samples of your products so you can use it in your promotional material and increase your sales.
  • Set up store: Once you’ve created products you can create a store. Find more info on customizing your storefront here.
  • Offer promotions: Now you can start offering a special promotion (promo codes)to drive sales.
  • Use Boosted Network: Next you’ll want to visit the settings section of your account to add your payout info. Note you’ll need to enter your payout info + drives sales to be assigned a trust score and become eligible for the Boosted Network


Great! Now let’s start using Teespring’s more advanced tools.

  • Set up Google Analytics: Now make sure to set up our Google Analytics integration so you can learn more about the people visiting your listing pages and stores.
  • Message buyers: Once you get your first few sales you can start messaging your buyers and turn them into repeat shoppers.
  • Unlock pricing discounts: As your sales increase you could be eligible to earn more profit margin per sale thanks to Teespring’s Pricing Discount Tiers.
  • Collect payout: Once your orders have shipped visit the payouts section of your account to withdraw your profit. 

Don’t forget we have dedicated support teams standing by to help! If you need assistance please contact to reach our Seller Support Team. If your buyers need assistance please direct them to and our Customer Support Team will aim to answer them within 24 hours. 


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