How to create a Facebook shop for your Teespring products

This post was updated March 2019


Linking your products to your Facebook page makes it easier for followers to find your products. Plus, by adding items to your Facebook Shop you can unlock access to Instagram Shopping too.

Keep in mind you can add Teespring products to a Facebook Shop on an existing Facebook page or a new one you create.

Step 1

If you don’t have one already, you need to create a  Facebook Page. If you have several pages already be sure to add the store to the one you use the most or the one related to the audience you plan to sell products to. Facebook Shops are non-invasive and won’t spoil the aesthetic of your brand page; this way your audience can easily find and browse your products without having to leave your page.


Step 2

Head to your page, choose settings (top right) and then head to the side panel and choose ‘Templates and Tabs’.


Step 3

Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose ‘add tabs’. A pop-up should appear (below) and select ‘Add Tab’ next to ‘Shop’.


Step 4

Follow the instructions to personalize your store with a banner and extra information. Keep in mind Canva is a convenient and free tool for creating banners, logos, etc. to feature on your page. When choosing your checkout method be sure to select ‘Checkout on another website’—this means your potential buyers will be directed to the Teespring site to check out.


Step 5

Your store has been created! Now it’s time to add your products! Click the blue ‘add products’ button.


Step 6

Fill out the necessary information for your Teespring products. Try to be as descriptive as possible. You can visit our product catalog for more details on each product.

TIP: Ensure that you label the price correctly. You can adjust the display currency on your Teespring page if you’re selling to a global audience. Also, don’t forget to include VAT in the selling price if your target buyers are in the EU.


Step 7

Great job! You can now start selling Teespring products through your Facebook Shop. Be sure to check out how to link your products on Facebook to your Instagram Business account so that your customers can shop directly in the Instagram app too. Also, read up on our tips for promoting Teespring products on Facebook.

Check out the image below for a demonstration of how simple the process is between Facebook and the Teespring site.


And there you go! You now have your very own Facebook Shop. If you promote products on Instagram make sure to read up on this post about making your products “shoppable” on Instagram.

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28 responses to “How to create a Facebook shop for your Teespring products

  1. Heryanto RH says:

    I just want to know, If I have 3 FB Pages, Could I create 3 Facebook Shops for different niches.

    1. Lex O'Hara says:

      Hey! Yes you can create a shop for each page 🙂

  2. Junnaidy says:

    Hi Teespring,
    I’ve tried to set up my facebook shop, but when I click the shop, there were some information that I should fill. I live in Indonesia, and I want to sell to USA. Do I fill the information base on my location?

    1. Lex O'Hara says:

      Hey – your shop should be set to the location being the US – this will allow you to sell your products on Facebook! 🙂

  3. Shakil says:

    Thanks you,but i dont no whati do this work

  4. T. Meadows says:

    So I was just trying to set up my Facebook shop, however, they require me to use Stripe as the payment method. Am I missing something? Is this a new Facebook requirement since this blog was written. Please let me now I would like to upload this feature asap if possible.
    Thank you!

    1. Lex O'Hara says:

      Hey! It may be if your shop is set up to a different location to the US that only stripe payment is available. As our payments are processed in the US, be sure to make your store ‘US based’, that way PayPal should work! More information here:

    2. Lex O'Hara says:

      Be sure to choose the option – checkout on external site as the option of payment!

  5. Angelic melendez says:

    I hope this works because i like doing thangs

  6. Estreitta says:

    Step 4 Never came up as an option… I think the instructions are no longer valid. Facebook only offers options of paypal or stripe.

    1. Jim says:

      Me neither. They also want tax info etc. placed here.

  7. Luke Fernandez says:

    Yes, all I get is the option for stripe or paypal?

  8. Joshua Savage says:

    Facebook asks for way more information than is given in this tutorial. What about shipping? FB says it must be delivered within 7 days? Doesn’t it take longer to create and ship?

  9. Luke Fernandez says:

    I got past that part, but now it doesn’t seem to habe an option to let me add my teespring store. Or does it just connect through the shirt link?

    1. Lex O'Hara says:

      It connect through the individual links – rather than the shop as a whole!

      1. Luke Fernandez says:

        How do you put the link to the shirt in the “add product” page?

      2. Luke Fernandez says:

        How do you get the link to your teespring products page, on the Facebook product spot?

  10. Cameron Kinsey says:

    I am having issues. The “Check out on another site” option is not showing up and I cannot find anywhere in the settings in which I could turn this on.

  11. Chaun says:

    I cannot locate the “Check out on another site” option. What am I missing?

  12. Ashlyn says:

    Facebook won’t allow me to post my link to my store. It claims it’s unsafe and has blocked it. Anyone else having this issue?
    Same with Instagram, cannot post teespring link there either.

  13. Luca Amato says:

    does just adding the link at the bottom of the fb “add product” popup link the product pic automatically(if so, then how?) or do i have to manually add the pic(if so, then how?) O. o ????

  14. DeShaun Patterson says:

    ok. So obviously there’s a problem. Can anyone over at Teespring or facebook help us out with the checkout method or give us an update to what’s going on.

  15. Pam says:

    I read another user’s comment that the ONLY way to use a different URL (such as teespring) is to first delete your shop, then re-add the shop tab; however, make your location setting anywhere besides the US. Now, you will be allowed to add a URL. Worked for me!

  16. Milad says:

    How is it possible to sell supplements on instagram shopping via the Facebook shopping page.
    The products are declined every time you add one to it…..
    Hope to hear from our experts!!

  17. Darren Allen says:

    When i try to add a product to my Facebook page it will not let me put a url in to link it back to teespring? Im new at creat a fbook store please help…..

    1. Sean Sr. says:

      I didn’t see this comment until after I posted the same thing below just now although it is in moderation at the moment.
      Sean Sr.

  18. Colboy says:

    What URL do I use?

  19. Juanita says:

    Just reiterating what Pam said. After adding shop tab and clicking ‘add products’ you must set your location as anywhere outside the U.S. then you can follow the instructions above.

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