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How to order merch samples instantly with Teespring

Did you know using a real sample in your promotional videos can increase sales by 50% or more? That’s why we’ve released a new update that enables you to easily order a sample of your own merch. You’ll also get faster delivery so you can create promotional content as soon as possible!!


How to order a sample

We’ve made it easy to get a sample of your products at base cost. Check out these 3 simple steps to get started:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account. Select the listing you want to order from and  click ‘Order Sample’. 
  2. Choose your product, color, etc. and continue to checkout.
  3. Purchase your sample.

Keep in mind you’ll get your sample for base cost and you’ll have the option to get rush shipping too.



6 responses to “How to order merch samples instantly with Teespring

  1. Avatar Theresa K. Taber says:

    Aloha, is this for EU only Teespringers? I tried it on my account and didnʻt see the dashboard to choose that option. Would love to see this.. please let me know if itʻs coming for us here in Hawaii!
    Theresa Keohunani Taber

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hello! This option is available for everyone and all products. You can order from anywhere. 🙂

  2. Avatar Jennifer Arizpe says:

    Hi there! Whenever I try to order a sample of my design, the full sale price is shown at checkout!

    1. Avatar Lucy Ford says:

      Hello! Make sure that you’re logged in to your Teespring account and viewing YOUR listing. Try accessing through the ‘listings’ tab like in the example shown in this video

  3. Avatar Ron Box says:

    I cant remember how to get to my store front ,or what account that I set my store up in. My Store front is Boogie’s Merch. My email is I had to upgrade my phone and lost all info,can you please help?

    1. Avatar Lucy Ford says:

      Hello Ron! Please email and they can help you with this! 🙂

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