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How to maximize sales with Teespring storefronts


This year we’re focused on providing Teespring Creators with the tools they need to have their best holiday season yet. As part of that, we’ve made some updates to Teespring Storefronts – read on to discover useful tips and tricks that will help boost your sales to the max!

Cross-selling products with storefronts

Cross-selling is a tried and true way for creators to increase their profit. Take advantage of a tactic that retailers have been using for decades, and expose items your customers might not have known about otherwise! That’s what we call a win-win. 

To cross-sell all you need is a storefront and we’ll take care of the rest. Once you set up a storefront, we will select active campaigns from within the store to show to your customers.

  1. Log into your Teespring account
  2. Click on the tab called Storefronts. You can do this from this dropdown or from your dashboard’s navigation.
  3. Create a store with at least 3 active campaigns that you think will appeal to a similar audience.
  4. Cross-selling will be automatically enabled once your store is created and published.

Pro Tip: Want to ensure certain designs are shown to your buyers? Create a storefront with only four campaigns to control which designs are displayed to customers.



Example of how cross-selling looks when you have other items featured within the same store
You can also use your campaign descriptions to link to related stores and designs; for example, one of your niches focuses on a “bridesmaids” theme and you want to show off all your designs to interested buyers – just create a store and add the link in each campaign’s description!


Include store links in your campaign descriptions – example “Click Here for more Bridesmaid’s Designs!”

Use storefronts this holiday season

Teespring Storefronts and cross-selling can be especially useful during the holiday season! Your buyers will be looking for gifts for all sorts of people so here’s your chance to show them what you’ve got! 

  • If your niches are related to job themes (or any other theme) use storefronts to group related designs in one place, so buyers will see more of your designs before and after checkout. For example, if you focus on the nurse niche, you can group all nurse designs within one store.
  • Use the buyer message tool in yout Teespring dashboard to contact past customers and share your store URL! If they’ve purchased one of your designs before, chances are they’ll like similar designs you’ve created.
  • Create holiday themed stores! For instance, if you target the cycling niche you can create a “Holiday Cycling Store” and feature a variety of your top selling designs along with new holiday ones.


Want to see how many of your units are coming from your Teesprings Storefronts?  Check out your Teespring Analytics, click on your campaign to see its individual analytics and scroll down to the GET Variable Data section. The “cs” key and “zero” value refer to the traffic coming from a cross sell. Stay tuned for more tips to help you maximize sales this holiday season!

2 responses to “How to maximize sales with Teespring storefronts

  1. James Canavan says:

    HI. So I have my main storefront with about 100 designs. Should I set up a new storefront that have similar types of shirts (different desings but same concept) with only four different designs?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hi there, glad to hear you’ve been busy designing! Why not add more listings to your current storefront? Don’t forget, you can divide your merch into product categories and add different types of product to your existing listings?

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