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Teespring tips to help you sell more this Mother’s Day

Did you know online shoppers spend over $225 (on average) on Mother’s Day gifts? It’s a serious commercial holiday and every Teespring Creator should start preparing now. Mother’s Day in the US, Canada, Australia and several other countries is on May 14th—this gives you plenty of time to maximize your sales leading up to the big day. Don’t forget about Mother’s Day in France and Sweden; France is one of Teespring’s most powerful European buyer markets after the U.K. and Germany.

Mother’s Day May 14th: Australia, US, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic

Mothers Day May  28th: France and Sweden

We’re looking for great products to share with buyers in our marketing campaigns and on social media. If you’ve got a campaign you think would make a great Mother’s Day gift then include the hashtag #MothersDay2017 in your campaign description. Also, make sure the campaign’s lifecycle setting is either continuous relaunch or always available.



Popular design themes & products to try this Mother’s Day

Teespring has tons of products moms are sure to love. Try promoting product combos like a cute mug with a matching tee or tank!

Take a look at your most popular designs from the past few months—is there any way you can put a “mom” twist on the design message? For example, mother of cats, dog mom, MILF (mom in love with fitness), hockey mom, etc.  Keep in mind your designs don’t always have to be “mom” themed for Mother’s Day. There are lots of trending events moms might need a cool shirt for too! 😉  Get design inspiration from the slideshow below—keep in mind black, navy blue, purple, dark red, royal blue and grey have been the top selling product colors for “mom” themed campaigns in the last few months.


Teespring tools to help you sell more

Are you using the latest Teespring tools that can help you sell more products this Mother’s Day?

Teespring Stores: Teespring Stores make it easy to showcase your products and collections. Don’t forget you can choose which products you want to feature at the top of your store and you’re able to customize elements like the banner, social links, about section, etc. Campaigns in storefronts get 58% more views on average from shoppers than those not in storefronts. Also, campaigns in storefronts sell 19% more units than those not in storefronts.

Teespring Promotions: In the past we’ve discussed how combining rush shipping and Teespring promotions can help you maximize sales for special events and Mother’s Day is no exception! Try to get early buyers using promotions tools and boost more last minute purchases with rush shipping. Don’t forget promotions can help boost your conversion rates by 60%!

Rush Shipping: Teespring offers some of the fastest production and delivery timelines available. This means you get more days to sell leading up to Mother’s Day! Push your products to US based buyers all the way up to May 8th with rush shipping.

Translations Services: Did you know Teespring offers a free translations service to sellers who have 100 or more sales? If you’ve got a winning design in the US or Canada why not translate it for Mother’s Day in France, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic too while you’re at it? Translating designs when targeting non-English speaking audiences can boost ad performance (clicks) by up to 70%.

Shipping timelines to keep in mind

You’ve still got plenty of time to sell products with standard shipping rates. Just keep the cutoff dates in mind so you can tell buyers to select rush shipping when the time comes. Remember, you’ll need to end campaigns on the standard shipping cutoff date for buyers to get their order in time with standard shipping. Then relaunch the campaign (set it to continuous relaunch) and include a message to remind them about rush shipping, for example: Want this product by Mother’s Day? See rush shipping options at checkout.  Keep in mind for rush shipping you don’t have to end campaigns by a certain date—as soon as the buyer places their order we’ll begin production.

For more information regarding upcoming events you should be preparing for, check out our Teespring May events calendar here.

3 responses to “Teespring tips to help you sell more this Mother’s Day

  1. MH Sujon says:

    Really nice idea. I will setum my team in this mother’s day.

  2. Eric Mantey says:

    I am new to this service and i will be glad if you can help me to take me through all the necessary steps
    I wish to design like many good designers out there and i think this can be my chance proving that to the world ..Thank you

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Eric! Thanks for reaching out. Make sure to check out the training center for help with getting started 🙂

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