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How to Increase Your Buyers’ Cart Size with Leggings

In just the last month we’ve seen leggings sales increase by over 250%. The growing number of sellers increasing their profit with this new product isn’t the only exciting part…the channels being used to sell leggings is noteworthy too! To date, 25% of leggings sales are coming from Teespring Marketing and the Boosted Network and 75% of sales are seller-driven (i.e. direct). So what does this mean for you?

We’re seeing a high number of leggings being sold as standalone products as well as a popular add-on item for buyers at checkout. Leggings present a powerful opportunity for sellers to increase both buyers’ cart size and the amount of profit you’re earning per order.

Keep in mind we suggest selling leggings for around $39.99 to $45.99 each, so you could be making an additional  $12.50 – $18.50 on each order.

If you’re currently promoting Teespring products (organic or paid) and you haven’t added leggings to your product offering you could be missing out on extra sales from each order!


Successful legging design themes to try

We took a look at some of the most successful legging design themes on Teespring. You know what they have in common? Most featured a high-quality design and many catered to an existing niche. If you’re interested in selling leggings you don’t have to start from scratch—you can adapt your current, successful designs for this product.

Top design categories from 2017

We’ve noticed hobbies and career themes are performing particularly well (traditional evergreen niches). Keep in mind this product is for intended for females; so if you sell to a male-focused audience, such as firefighters, think of ways you could create a related design for women—for example firefighter wives. If you sell to a female-dominated profession like teachers, nurses, etc. you should be able to find plenty of opportunities to adapt your existing designs for this product. Don’t forget about events like Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, etc.—this is a great product to help you further capitalize on the biggest retail holidays throughout the year.

Keep in mind your designs don’t have to be overly complicated. While high-quality, beautiful designs do best, text-based designs sell too. Check out some of the design placement ideas above for inspiration.

Before you start creating designs make sure to watch this video about adding leggings to existing listings and download our leggings design template to ensure your designs will look perfect once uploaded to the launcher.


How to get more sales with Teespring tools

Optimizing your listings is necessary if you want to maximize your sales through Teespring tools like the Boosted Network and Teespring Marketing. You can learn from other sellers who are successfully increasing their sales using smart SEO and marketplace optimization. A few things to consider:

  1. The advantage of creating leggings as the featured product in a listing is the possibility to further optimize the title based on the legging design. Don’t forget, the more products you offer within a listing the more chances you’ll have to increase buyer cart size at checkout.
  2. Adding leggings to an existing listing that already ranks well within search results and has an established sales history is good practice if you’re aiming to increase legging sales as an add-on product (and increase buyer cart size at checkout). Just make sure the leggings you’re adding is relevant/related to the design featured on the other products.
  3. Always optimize your title based on the design concept and niche—help shoppers identify themselves (or who they want to purchase for) as they search for products.
  4. Don’t forget you don’t need to add the product type to the title. We’ll add the word “leggings” to the title when your product is listed on the Boosted Network. Also, leggings appear in Teespring Marketplace based on the product type.

Ready to put these tips to the test?


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