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How to get quick-win EU sales with Teespring’s Boosted Network

Calling all sellers! We’ve unlocked limitless inventory allocations for EU markets and we need more content! Ready to sell your EU products on the new Boosted Network?  Follow these steps and continue reading for more tips on how to get quick-win sales.

1. Launch a Teespring EU campaign—we are looking for designs focusing on UK niches in particular.

2. Include the hashtag #UK in your campaign description.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Boosted Network Design Guidelines—campaigns must comply with these guidelines to be featured.


1. Duplicate best sellers

Got a design that was successful in the US and could work in the UK? Duplicate the campaign and set the fulfillment region to EU!

Step 1. Duplicate your US campaign

Step 2. Change the fulfillment region to EU.

Step 3. Make sure the campaign is set to continuous relaunch (“always available”) and features a goal of 1. Add the hashtag #UK to the campaign description

Step 4. Launch your campaign.


2. Add rush eligible products

We strongly recommend adding rush eligible products to any campaigns you want featured on the Boosted Network.  Be sure to add the following products and color options to your EU campaigns:

  • Standard Unisex T-Shirt  (Navy, Black)
  • Standard Unisex T-shirt  S-5XL (Navy, Black)
  • Standard Women’s T-Shirt (Navy, Black)
  • Standard Unisex Sweatshirt (Burgundy, Jet Black, Oxford Navy, Royal Blue)
  • Standard College Hoodie (French Navy, Jet Black, Oxford Navy)


3. Adapt top selling designs for EU markets

One of the easiest ways to tap into EU markets is adapting US designs! For example, you sell “I’m a baseball and beer kind of girl” hoodies, how easy would it be to change the design message to “I’m a rugby and beer kind of girl” or “I’m a cricket and beer kind of girl” for the UK market? Tweaking designs for EU niches is easier than you think—learn more in the Teespring Training Center.


4. Get design inspiration from upcoming events & popular themes

In marketplaces like Amazon and eBay we’ve noticed designs that cater to the masses tend to do well! Check out the slideshow below for some design inspiration.

We’ve also created a calendar featuring special events going on this August if you’re looking for more ideas.


Remember if you want your products featured you need to add the hashtag #UK to your EU campaign descriptions. Happy selling!




2 responses to “How to get quick-win EU sales with Teespring’s Boosted Network

  1. sharjeel says:


    When does this offer end? i wanna know the time duration of this #UK offer.


    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      It doesn’t end until further notice! We need to add a lot of new UK themed products.

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