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Everything you need to know about automatic display product ads

Dynamic ads help connect your wide range of designs to each of your unique shoppers with relevant and timely product ads. On average, sellers can see a 34% increase in click-through rate and a 38% reduction in cost per purchase. Want to get in on the Display Product Ad game? Here’s how:

Step 1: Download your Product Feed

Step 2: Check your email!

You will receive an email from Teespring that contains a link to your Product Catalog. A Product Feed, sometimes called a Product Catalog, is a list of products you would like to advertise on Facebook. Each product in the list has specific attributes which can be used to generate an ad- a product ID, name, description, landing page URL, image URL, availability, and so on. (You will only need to download this one time. By clicking the link, you will start the download of your Product Catalog where you will be able to see all of your campaign information. First-time downloaders will need to wait 24 hours for the .CSV file to populate). 

Step 3: Upload your Dynamic Product Catalog to Facebook

Create a dynamic ad template that is automatically filled with the right products. You can choose to show all products or only a single product set which you define. Use keywords to pull in images, product names, prices, and more dynamically from your product catalog. Show a single product or multiple products at once using the carousel ad format.

Dynamic ads work on Facebook Newsfeed, Right Hand Column, and the Audience Network. With one dynamic ads template, you can deliver ads on any device- mobile, tablets, and desktop.


  • Use Facebook Ads reporting to receive reports on which product ads were most successful even when a purchase is made on a device other than where your ad was served.
  • Optimize your dynamic ads for conversion events to get more conversions are a lower cost per action.

Step 4: Run your DPAs

As people browse your products on Teespring they will automatically be eligible to see your dynamic ads. Each ad is specially formatted for your shoppers according to the products they browse with keywords, images, and more pulled directly from your product catalog.

For example, people browsing a dog shirt of yours on Teespring may see a product ad for a dog mug or a selection of related products the next time they come back to Facebook. Dynamic ads keep up to date with your business so you only show products from live campaigns. And when a purchase is made on Teespring, product ads are automatically turned off, across devices, so you’ll never bother your shoppers with products they’ve already purchased from you.


2 responses to “Everything you need to know about automatic display product ads

  1. Juan says:

    Can you download a product feed for each individual storefront?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, you will get all of the products in your listings sent to you in total on a .CSV file. You can then filter down the listings you’d like to use from there.

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