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Important shopping events Teespring sellers need to know

Don’t miss out on important events coming up this October and November! Christmas themes are always popular this time of year but Halloween and Veterans Day should inspire your designs too. Also, we recommend sellers start preparing for huge online shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Special events to add to your calendar:

Oct. 31: Halloween
Nov. 11: Veterans Day
Nov. 11: Remembrance Day (UK, Canada, Australia)
Nov. 23: Thanksgiving
Nov. 24: Black Friday
Nov. 27: Cyber Monday
Nov. 28: #GivingTuesday
Dec. 12: Start of Hanukkah
Dec. 15: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (US) / Christmas Jumper Day (UK)
Dec. 24: Christmas Eve
Dec. 25: Christmas Day
Dec 26: Boxing Day (UK)

Halloween (Global)

This holiday is widely celebrated in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, and Canada as well as several other European countries. People prepare for Halloween by decorating their houses with jack-o’-lanterns, spider webs, skeletons and other scary items. It’s common for people to organize costume parties and haunted houses with colleagues, family, and friends too. Learn more in our Halloween 2017 Guide.

Veterans Day (US)

Veterans Day honors living US military veterans from the United States Armed Forces. Please be conscious of copyright and trademark laws surrounding America’s armed forces when creating designs; for example, no design can feature official military branch logos, do not include the words (or variations of) “marine” or “coast guard.” Also, avoid adding “US” before any branch of the military in your design; for example, you cannot have a design featuring the text “US Army Veteran”…but you can have a design featuring “Army Veteran.” The most popular military-themed designs focus on the word “veteran” and incorporate messages about brotherhood, sacrifice, honor, etc.

People are proud of their service to the U.S. so we recommend creating large-scale designs (that are noticeable/legible from afar). Also, keep in mind families are extremely proud of their relations to these American heroes, therefore you may want to explore adapting veteran-themed designs for family members too.

Black Friday (Global) 

Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving and officially kicks off the holiday shopping season in the US. Things can get pretty ugly with such competitive prices as shoppers have been known to get into physical altercations over products in stores. So it’s no surprise many Americans have started doing their Black Friday shopping online!

Traditionally an American event, the Black Friday craze has crossed the pond and is now a significant shopping event in Europe as well. In the UK for example, the total spend on online retail sites on Black Friday 2016 was £1.23 billion, which is a +12.2% increase on the £1.1bn spent on Black Friday 2015.

Cyber Monday (Global)

Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest shopping day in the history of U.S. e-commerce and we can only hope 2017 is just as big! The Monday after Thanksgiving is known as “Cyber Monday” and the average American will spend over $120 online on this day. Similar to Black Friday, this trend is crossing overseas and many global customers will be expecting to capitalize on some sweet deals on Cyber Monday.

PRO TIP: Projections suggest online shopping during the 2017 holiday season will be bigger than ever! Plan to do some serious email marketing leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Teespring sellers should consider offering special “early bird” promotions to shoppers and past customers to take advantage of the excitement leading up to these two events.

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