How to “Holidize” Your Teespring Storefront (+2 New Store Features)

Want to add a little holiday cheer to your Teespring store? Creating a festive Christmas storefront with all the trimmings is easier than you think! In this post Teespring’s Senior Account Manager, Haritz, shares insight on how he “holidizes” top sellers’ stores. 

Update your store logo

Your logo represents your brand and helps past customers identify and remember you. During the holidays you may want to consider incorporating holiday elements into your existing logo (especially if you’re offering holiday-themed products). Also, if you don’t already have a logo this is the perfect time to create one.

1. Start with opening and clicking on “Create a design” green button. Then select “Use custom dimensions” and add the following measurements: 600 x 200 pixels

2. You can select “Text” or “Elements” to get started. In this case we’re going to start with a text logo. Try to ensure the text is as big as possible within the 600×200 pixel space.

3. Now we’ll search “Christmas” in the search bar. You’ll find plenty of free icons and other design elements you can use! Click the ones you want to add to logo and complete your creation.

4. Don’t forget you can use upload your own design elements to incorporate into your logo too.

5. Below I’ve completed the logo with the free images provided by Canva and I’ve also uploaded my own elements taken from my t-shirt designs.

6. The last step is to add a background color to your design, or download it as a PNG and remove the background in Gimp or Photoshop for example. In this example I’ve selected the same background color in Canva I plan to use in my storefront. 

7. To make sure it matches just copy the color code from the background and add it to your store’s header in Teespring Dashboard > Storefronts > Edit > Header.

Example of copying background color in Canva and pasting it in Teespring Store editor

8. Once finished, click “Download” in the top right corner of Canva and that’s it! Now you can add your logo to your Teespring store as shown below.


Create a holiday-themed store banner

Once the logo is finished, it’s time to create a matching banner. I recommend adding something simple that complements your logo. Also, the banner can be a good place to add messages like “10% off” this week only!” if you plan to offer a holiday discount.

1. Return to Canva and click on “Create design” then select “Use custom dimensions” and add the following measurements: 1,200 x 250 pixels

2. Follow the steps 3 and 4 as described above and add your preferred holiday elements to the store. For a cleaner look we’ve kept the background white. If you’d like to create a more complex banner learn how to create a gradient effect here.

3. Once the banner is created, download it from Canva as a png file. Then upload it to your Teespring store by logging into your Teespring account and going to Storefronts > Edit > Banner.


Have you seen these new store features?

Product page branding

Creating consistent branding that carries from your storefront to your product pages is as easy as flipping  a switch. All you need to do is activate “Extend branding to products” by switching it “on” in your store’s settings.

Here’s how my product page looks once branding is activated, notice the banner at the top:

Add new products directly to storefronts

Now you can add new products directly to your storefronts. Just select your store’s name before launching your product and it will be added automatically. Easy peasy!




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