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Teespring’s ultimate 2019 holiday sweater guide (+ free designs)

Holiday ‘sweaters’ are trending now! Create holiday-themed products to maximize your sales leading up to December 25th and don’t miss out on our top 5 ways to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. In the post below you’ll find tips on top-selling sweater events to plan for, most popular products, 2019’s design trends (+ free design resources), plus keywords and cutoff dates to keep in mind. Don’t forget you can now create all-over print sweatshirts (NEW) instantly in the Teespring Launcher.


Events to plan for

Not only is wearing holiday sweaters a fun and festive activity, it can support a fantastic cause too. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (US) and Christmas Jumper Day (UK) are widely popular and people often organize ‘holiday sweater parties’ at home, school, office, etc. During these parties attendees wear their own tacky, funny, crazy, etc. holiday sweater. The holiday sweater trend is also popular in Canada, Australia, and other countries so don’t leave anyone out while promoting. Keep in mind the 2019 holiday delivery cut-off dates are in!

  • Christmas Jumper Day: Celebrated in the UK on December 13, 2019. 
  • National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day: Celebrated in the US on December 20, 2019. 

Example of Teespring’s crewneck sweatshirt featuring holiday sweater design


Products to sell

Don’t let the word ‘sweater’ fool you! Sweatshirts and long-sleeve tees are a modern alternative to the traditional knitted sweater. Teespring offers a variety of sweatshirt and long-sleeve tee products to choose from. Keep in mind you can apply a ‘stitching’ effect to your designs (when using photoshop) to make them look more like a traditional, knitted sweater. Don’t forget you can now order samples of your products from the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account—it’s an easy way to create custom gifts for family and friends this year. You can also create all-over print sweatshirts instantly in the launcher which is the ultimate product for the holiday season.  

Example of creating a classic crewneck sweatshirt in the Teespring Launcher


Christmas sweater design trends

Christmas sweaters design themes have always been popular on Teespring and 2019 is no exception! The most popular designs usually combine a holiday-theme (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) and an additional layer like social media memes, jobs, pets, hobbies, pop culture references, etc.

In 2018 design elements like unicorns and avocados were very popular within the Boosted Network too. Click the button below to access our free ugly sweater design assets—you can upload them to the Teespring Launcher to create your own custom holiday sweater. Also, check out the blog for additional holiday design and promotional tips from other users in the community if you’re looking for even more inspiration! continue reading to learn about the hottest new holiday design trends to try this year.

Vintage Christmas

Create classic Christmas vintage vibes using vintage fonts, nostalgic festive motifs like Santas, wreaths, candy canes, reindeer and French horn/musical elements. Typography is italicized with a strong handwriting feel to create a traditional and elegant look. Consider incorporating tartan all-over prints, argyle knit and plaid patterns within your product designs too. 

Festive pups

Create all-over print dog motifs featuring dogs in festive sweaters and coats. Designs can also include funny dress-up items like glasses, Santa hats and fake beards. Crackers, candy canes and snowflakes are key supporting pattern motifs. Test designs featuring specific or a mix of dog breeds so shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Christmas stars & stripes

I’m dreaming of a red, white and blue Christmas! Popular design elements to incorporate are stars and stripes, US flag, map of America, and eagles—always using the color theme of red, white and blue

Latin Christmas

This is a super fun trend featuring llamas (alpacas) and cacti. Catci are festively decorated in fairy lights or hats and scarfs. This trend sees an injection of color—bright blue and hot pink, refreshing the traditional red, white and green palette. Green elements tend to be more minty while Santa themed candy skulls (Day of the Dead) also make for great all-over print designs.

Holiday Feast

This season’s Christmas trend has a clear-focus on alternative, plant-based diets following a year of protests and lifestyle changes inspired by the climate change movement. However, there is still room for the Christmas classics like brussel sprouts and Christmas pudding designs. Festive alcohol-themed designs are also trending this year. 


Increase your discoverability

Want to improve your discoverability on the Boosted Network and Teespring Marketplace? Optimize your listings by incorporating trending keywords into your title and description whenever relevant. Just make sure to avoid keyword stuffing—by adding too many keywords you’ll make your listing title and description appear spammy. 

  • Christmas
  • Holidays
  • Festive
  • Season
  • Ugly Sweater
  • Ugly Sweater Day
  • Ugly Christmas sweater
  • Funny Christmas sweater
  • Christmas Jumper Day

Also make sure to use the hashtag #MadeOnTeespring when sharing on social media for the chance to get featured on our company Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts!


Cutoff dates to keep in mind

Holiday designs will sell all the way through Christmas, but if you’re planning to promote your sweaters for National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and Christmas Jumper Day you can keep the following cutoff dates in mind. 

Once we’ve passed the standard shipping cutoff dates, buyers can still receive their products in time for the event if they select rush shipping at checkout. Plan to initiate your listing’s print cycle on the standard shipping cutoff date to ensure shoppers get their order in time.  For rush shipping, the buyer simply needs to select rush shipping at checkout and place their order by the “order by date” listed below.





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