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Important reminder about holiday shipping


We learned a lot from the 2015 holiday season and thanks to your feedback we’ve made some big improvements on holiday shipping costs and cutoff dates this year. For the 2016 season our main goals are to 1. extend campaign end dates drastically through rushed shipping – giving Creators more days to make sales, 2. empower buyers to choose upgraded shipping – freeing Creators from incurred shipping costs that can affect their profit, and lastly 3. working to ensure all gifts arrive in time for Christmas day – creating happy buyers and repeat shoppers for you!

2016 Holiday campaign cutoff dates – reminder!

Teespring’s Product & Operations Team has been working for weeks to ensure that we have attained the best shipping timelines and prices for your buyers.  Please remember to schedule your campaigns to end on the specified campaign cutoff dates below – and plan to have them immediately relaunch in order to let buyers take advantage of the extended shopping dates (thanks to rush shipping).



Campaign cut-off dates vs. rush shipping cut-off dates

For the campaign cut-off date it’s necessary for you to end your campaign on the date indicated in the chart above. If you’re targeting US buyers for example, you’ll want to schedule your campaigns to end by December 14th, and set them to immediately relaunch. This way any orders on your campaign will be processed and delivered in time for Christmas with standard shipping.

Keep in mind you do not have to end your campaigns by a certain date for rush shipping; the order cut-off date only applies to the day the order is placed, not the day the campaign needs to end. For example, UK based buyers who visit your EU campaigns after December 12th will have the option to select rush shipping on their orders until December 21st.

To set your campaigns to continuous relaunch first go to your campaign settings:


And then set it to “continuous relaunch” as shown below:


If you’re having trouble setting your campaign to the correct end date please contact our Creator Support Team via [email protected].

Important things to keep in mind

Please remember to be aware of the promotional messaging you’re using in your campaign descriptions and ads; the Teespring Team will automatically update delivery messaging on the site as necessary. For this reason we recommend Creators do not include any language like “guaranteed delivery in time for holidays” as this may confuse buyers if it contradicts our on-site messaging. If you’d like more tips on the best ways to optimize your buyers’ shopping experience during the holidays click here.

Still have questions about holiday shipping? Click the link below for more information.

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