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Holiday season in Europe: Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Swedish market trends


At face value, some may believe that the buying behavior of Nordic consumers is the same. However, despite these countries being very close together, they have four different languages, four currencies, various payment preferences and unique consumer habits. We want you to know the differences between these 4 regions this holiday season. Keep in mind, the Nordic region is larger than Germany, the UK and Italy combined and Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland represent the sixth largest economy in Europe. For this reason, we have created a holiday season fact file for these countries which should help you sell to them this season. 


Although most of these countries possess a good knowledge of English, it’s still a good idea to translate your campaign descriptions and designs for those who would like a more personalised product.

If you need any last minute translations before the campaign cut off dates approach, contact us a [email protected] and we will send you over the content as soon as possible!

Happy Holidays!

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