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3 tips for maximizing your google shopping sales in 2019

It’s time for a quick Google Shopping refresher as we head towards the first retail events of 2019 like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day! Keep in mind the sooner you prepare and launch your shopping campaigns the better—give your ads more time to capitalize on searches as we near these event dates. 

The Teespring x Google Shopping integration makes it easy for you to manage your ads in one place. Google Ads is home to all your shopping campaigns for Teespring and it’s where you’ll set your budget, manage bids, gain insights, and make optimizations based on performance.  

1) Get your products in the Google spotlight

Use the right keywords to get your products in more of Google’s search results. Google Shopping Ads always appear above the organic search results, therefore causing an effective expansion of your product’s visibility. You can also use keywords to optimize the performance of your ads by excluding irrelevant searches with negative keywords. Don’t miss out on this chance to increase the amount of exposure your products get online and target the highest converting shoppers.

2) Attract quality shoppers

Optimizing your listings with relevant product information will enable Google Shopping Ads to improve the quality of potential customers who see your products. Shoppers are looking to make an informed purchasing decision and through visually revealing, information rich ads, visitors land on your product page with a high intent to purchase. It’s also because of this fact that Google Shopping Ads often garner double or triple the click-through rate compared text ads.

3) Unlock Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping uses machine learning to not only reduce the amount of man-hours needed to optimize ad campaigns, but also do more with those hours. Advertisers simply need to enter their campaign objective and budget. Smart Shopping takes care of the rest with automated bidding and ad placements. As such, Smart Shopping ads are tailor-made for vendors with smaller budgets and less time to strategically maneuver them. If you haven’t unlocked smart shopping yet you can focus on fine-tuning your bidding strategies and optimizing your ads in the ways mentioned above. 

Visit the Teespring Training Center to learn more.

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