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Get your products featured for Valentine’s Day!

For many Teespring stores, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year, especially for those selling products that would make a great gift for a sweetheart. With the big day quickly approaching, here are some ideas on how to make your Teespring Store something Valentine’s shoppers will fall in love with.

We’re looking to help buyers find the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day! Submit your campaigns for the chance to get featured on the Teespring homepage and in buyer marketing emails.



Paint the town red (or pink!) 

To really show customers you’re in full Valentine’s Day mode, consider changing all or part of your store’s color scheme to either pink or red. This approach can be especially effective for stores that offer products that are particularly well suited for Valentine’s Day gifts. If you think switching the entire color scheme might be going a little overboard for your store, consider just swapping out the color on your header or changing your logo to a rosy hue to truly get in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Another option is to redesign your banner images or logos to feature pink or red backgrounds, heart shapes or V-day style imagery, while leaving the rest of your theme the same. Since pink and red are inherently rather bright colors, this can be a great way to draw attention to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, sales, content and special offers. Remember – you can utilize free image sites like Pizabay or Pexels to find high resolution V-day images to use for your banners.

Highlight your favorite products 

It’s important to make it easy for customers shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts to find the best options, so, consider featuring a curated group of products at the top of your store to help guide the way. (Learn how to feature items in your store HERE). You could also consider linking to “for her” version of your design from your campaign that is inherently “for him!” Couples tees are always a big hit ;).

Also, don’t forget that, while you might think that most Valentine’s Day gifts are being purchased by men for women, there is a multitude of other scenarios out there. Of course, women also buy gifts for husbands and boyfriends, and same-sex couples may buy for their partner as well. There are also those who buy for their kids, friends, family members, coworkers, teachers and maybe even their pets! Remember, not all Valentine’s day products need to be about love or romance – consider how V-day might apply to your niche specialty––for example, Puppy Love! Most importantly, remember that everyone wants to be included on Valentine’s Day. A good tip is to design for the single people who still love to celebrate the holiday.

Discount codes 

Consider adding a Valentine’s Day discount code or coupon to your site, either as a general shop discount or one that the shopper will receive after signing up for your e-mail list. For example, you could advertise in your ads that you will be offering a special sale for Valentine’s Day, ex:, use code: VDAY15 at checkout.

Make shopping easy 

Be sure to make it easy for customers to find any deadlines for Valentine’s Day orders, which is especially key since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year. As of now, your buyers will only be guaranteed their product if they choose “rush shipping,” so be sure to include that factoid in your campaign description. You don’t want to break any hearts this V-day, if at all possible! When considering the price you charge, keep in mind that last-minute shoppers are often willing to shell out some extra money to ensure delivery — and avoid the embarrassment of not having a gift.

Rush Shipping FAQs

US campaigns: the rush shipping cutoff date is February 6th for domestic shipping (orders being delivered within the US). This means your buyers have to order their products by February 6 at 11:59PM UTC.

EU campaigns: the rush shipping cutoff is below (orders being delivered within the UK & EU). Your buyers have to order their products by February 9 at 11:59PM UTC for UK shipping and February 8 at 11:59PM UTC for EU shipping.

Remember–you do not have to end your campaigns by a certain date with rush shipping; the rush order cut-off date applies to the day the order is placed, not the day the campaign needs to end. Please remember to be aware of the promotional messaging you’re using in your campaign descriptions and ads; the Teespring Team will automatically update delivery messaging on the site as necessary. For this reason we recommend Creators do not include any language like “guaranteed delivery in time Valentine’s Day” as this may confuse buyers if it contradicts our on-site messaging…you can use language such as “See rush shipping options at checkout for more information on Valentine’s Day delivery”. 

Include rush eligible products in your campaigns

Our most popular products are most often eligible for rush shipping depending on our stock supplies–this includes unisex t-shirts, hoodies, women’s tees, etc. You can feature rush and non-rush products in your campaigns. Remember, if a product is not rush eligible the “rush shipping” option will not appear for your buyer at checkout.


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