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Give fans free US shipping this Christmas. It’s on us.

We’ve now passed the standard shipping cut-off dates for US fans to receive their orders by Christmas, but do not fear, there’s still time to finish 2020 on an incredible note. You can still offer your products to fans to recieve after the holidays, as well as encouraging your community to cop your sparkling instantly delivered downloadable digital content (more about that here).

All you’ll need to encourage fans to buy your physical products before Christmas is an incentive. So this year, to give back for all of our hustling creators and dedicated fans, we’re running free shipping in the US for all orders placed until December 21st. Either take advantage and order samples of your products to prepare some promotional shoots or let your fans know ASAP. 

It’s never been easier to notify fans either—use our free shipping images and share them on social media platforms. We’ve designed some super cool assets to post on instagram stories and posts. All you’ve got to do is hit “share”. Check it out below. 





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