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5 ways to use Teespring to reward your patrons

Dear creators on Patreon, are you looking for unique ways to reward your patrons with merchandise (that doesn’t involve you signing and shipping out a bunch of stuff)?

Teespring offers a variety of hassle-free ways to create exclusive experiences for patrons. No more dealing with lost packages, damaged goods, and telling people their packages are on their way. Teespring takes care of everything—from printing to shipping to customer service—so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Check out our five ideas for using Teespring to reward your patrons!

Idea #1 – Send your patrons a promo code

Easily set up a promo code to offer your fans discounts on merch such as 25% off, $5 off, or even free shipping. Everyone loves a sale—people are 60% more likely to buy when they they have a promo code, so get cracking! Follow these three easy steps to set up a promo code.

Idea #2 – Let patrons help you decide your next merch design

Allowing your fans to contribute to the design process is a great way to keep them engaged. Offer up a few pending designs and host a vote for allow your community to provide feedback.

You could even take it a step further and ask patrons to submit their own art for consideration.

Idea #3 – Create a private Teespring listing on a special color

Does your community have a special color? Are you looking to expand your merch color palette from more traditional colors? Here’s an idea—offer a design on a special color for your t-shirt (or poster, or mug, or tank top) that’s only available for your patrons.

Here’s how to make your listing private so only your patrons can access it:


Idea #4 – Create a private Teespring listing with a new or unique design

Another great way to recognize your patrons is by offering them exclusive just-for-you designs that signal they’re true fans and supporters of your work. This could be a new design entirely, or a fresh update on existing art. Make sure your patrons know it’s a limited release—just for them!

Idea #5 – Create a design that recognizes your patrons

Fan participation at its finest. Gather a list of your patrons’ names and create a design unique to your brand. Here is a great example and thought starter:

2 responses to “5 ways to use Teespring to reward your patrons

  1. timsy says:

    i am a self taught artist from india
    i want to utilize my water color paintings
    say canvas type print .
    how can teespring help please?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey! Thats great. You are able to add your paintings to canvas prints. Be sure that your image is print ready, you can have a look here at file formatting tips which you may find useful.

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