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#FedUp! How Lexi motivated her online audience with merchandise

At the beginning of 2016 Lexi was 25, 485lbs and fed up of feeling like a prisoner in her own body. She knew that if she didn’t get her health in order she may not see her 30th birthday. She set herself a new years resolution to lose weight with no personal trainer, no personalized meal plans or plans for surgery. Two years later and Lexi has lost over 312lbs through healthy eating, exercise and a motivation to reach her goals!

She documented the whole process through her Instagram @fatgirlfedup and knew that through social media she had the opportunity to not only keep herself motivated but also to inspire hundreds of other people and soon enough Lexi had almost 700k followers! Lexi turned to Teespring to help her unite her community together with her own line of #fedup merchandise.

“I had purchased Teespring shirts in the past and was looking for a way to sell tshirts to my audience on instagram. I wasn’t sure how many people would be interested and knew it would be a quick convenient way to get plus size options without having to take too much time from my schedule.”

With sizing options up to 5XL Lexi knew that Teespring would be able to help motivate others through their weight loss journeys while using her own designs to make sure they looked stylish and confident while doing so!

“Most of my designs are to motivate others, each design has a meaning to me in my weight loss journey”

Over the course of just three weeks Lexi had sold over 1000 items to people all over the world, and the number is still rising!

“I just wanted to make clothing to motivate people to live their best life no matter what size. I didn’t expect any success from it but to be able to make others feel like they can express themselves through clothing is a success to me”

Lexi has inspired thousands of people around the world

So what’s next for Lexi?

“I plan to help motivate others through clothing, write a book about my weight loss journey, and just keep showing others with hard work we are all capable of changing our lives! At the end of the day the world needs more positive vibes and if that can be through clothing we may even be able to change the world!”

We feel you Lexi! You go girl!

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3 responses to “#FedUp! How Lexi motivated her online audience with merchandise

  1. RadioU says:

    thanku for sharing this amazing site list

  2. Parker Whipple says:

    Hey I need new Merchandise

  3. Hope says:

    Hi everyone
    Hope here, I see the amazing job u are doing to make a stand. I love it appropriate it so much thank you.
    I think all humanity forgets we hold the world and the people in our or my fingertips LMAO. Should we judge or did we judge like humanity is. I think all should think on if I was to judge all where would they be in my courtroom. I am love not hate what would u become to save the one u love. I didn’t leave one person behind I had to become the person everyone could trust. It came down to I gave my life for the sickness and sin to have sin trust me. Think on that 4 a min. I do what I do for the people not me I died and they judge. I’m not asking for pitty this is my 1st time saying this but I did what I did for love. I will never change that not for anyone cuz y’alls life meant more!!
    Still Hope Still Me
    Luv Always
    HOPE & SIN
    P.S might judge u soon hahaha J.K love you all

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