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Tips to help Teespring sellers maximize sales this Father’s Day

Total spending on Father’s Day in the USA reached a record-setting $15.5 billion in 2017—the highest in the NRF survey’s 15-year history, topping last year’s previous record of $14.3 billion. American consumers are expected to spend around $2.2 billion on clothing for Father’s Day too. This means once Mother’s Day is over people will begin searching for Father’s Day gifts—you can start preparing now and maximize your sales in the coming weeks!

Celebrating the dads who inspire us!

When advertising your products on social media it’s important to understand who will be buying them. Although the designs you’re creating are for men, it’s women who will likely be the ones purchasing your products as gifts this year. Daughters, in particular, are more likely to purchase Father’s Day gifts. Also, if you’re targeting global audiences keep in mind Father’s Day popularity varies by country (according to research from Mintel), for example, 50% of UK consumers are planning on purchasing a gift for Father’s Day compared to 72% of people from the Republic of Ireland. Do your research ahead of time and make sure your ads are laser-focused on buyer groups who are more likely to convert.

Don’t forget we’re looking to feature great dad-themed designs so add the hashtag #FathersDay2018 to your listing description to be considered! Translated family-themed designs are also performing particularly well this year on the Boosted Network—we’ve already seen sales pick up for French listings and expect sales to continue rising in the coming weeks.


Designing for dads

Personalized search terms such as “gadget dads”, “wine lovers”, “bbq lovers”, and “outdoorsy dads” will be trending this year so plan to optimize your listings accordingly. Also, most of our best-selling dad designs feature a design message focused on family, career, and/or hobbies.

Allen & Gerritsen, 2016

Similar to Mother’s Day,  we’re seeing the gift-giving tradition on Father’s Day becoming more inclusive—many people plan to buy gifts for not only fathers, but stepfathers, granddads, partners, husbands, and sons too. Get design inspiration from our mood boards below and create something dads everywhere will be proud to wear.


Cutoff Dates

This year Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 17th in the USA, Canada, UK, and France. These countries are some of Teespring’s biggest buyer markets so start creating designs now and don’t miss out! Other countries celebrate this event throughout the year so you can continue selling your Father’s Day designs until the end of 2018.

  • June 3, 2018 – Switzerland
  • June 5, 2018 – Denmark
  • June 10, 2018 – Austria, Belgium
  • June 17, 2018 – USA, Canada, the UK, and France, Netherlands, Ireland
  • September 2, 2018 – New Zealand, Australia
  • November 11, 2018 – Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Estonia

Teespring sellers should start creating designs as soon as possible and begin promoting their products once we’ve passed Mother’s Day. Below are the cutoff dates for Father’s Day delivery (you want orders to reach buyers by June 15th).  Once we’ve passed the standard shipping cutoff dates, buyers can still receive their products in time for Father’s Day if they select rush shipping at checkout. Plan to manually end your campaigns on the standard shipping cutoff date to ensure shoppers get their order by June 15th (and you can immediately relaunch it). For rush shipping, the buyer just needs to place their order by the “order by date” listed below (don’t forget to add rush eligible products to your listings). If you’re planning on targeting buying in countries that celebrate Father’s Day on a different date you can learn how to calculate cutoff dates here.


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