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How to get faster payouts with Teespring

We want to assure the community that moving forward, your payouts will be secure and reliable with Teespring. This month we implemented security updates which resulted in many payouts being delayed—the primary purpose of these updates was to identify, eliminate and prevent hackers from accessing seller accounts.

In order to ensure your safety we were required to thoroughly analyze all seller accounts before processing payouts, and during this process some accounts required further inspection based on specific behavior—hence the extensive delay for some individuals.

We understand how inconvenient payout delays can be, but these steps were necessary in order to ensure the security of user accounts and payouts across the platform.

Moving forward, all payout requests should be processed within one to seven working days

Below you will find more information on how to fast-track payouts with Teespring and the types of behaviors that may slow down processing speed.

 Having certain account characteristics can help you get payouts faster!


How to optimize your account for faster payouts

There are a few ways you can improve the likelihood of having your payouts processed within 24 – 48 business hours.

  • Consistently earn pricing discounts: sellers who earn pricing discounts every month due to consistent product sales get pushed to the front of the payouts line (regardless of sales history—so smaller sellers benefit from this too).
  • Build up your sales history: seller accounts with an established sales history or numerous processed payouts for a particular payout method (i.e. paypal or  payoneer) are also greenlighted for faster processing.
  • Two-factor authentication: This helps us ensure your account is legitimate and fast-track you for payout approval (learn more).

A few other ways to optimize your Teespring account for fast-track payouts include having one Teespring account and having an active account for over 30 days. Also, requesting a payout for every sale slows down our system––it’s good practice to wait until you have racked up over $100 or more before you request a payout.


Reasons for longer payout processing timelines

There are a few instances in which a payout can take up to seven business days to process.

  • First-time payout: the first time a new seller requests a payout.
  • New seller: the seller’s account is less than 30 days old.
  • Suspicious behavior: having numerous Teespring accounts, extremely high sale prices, and other “abnormal” behavior can flag an account for further review before we can process payout.
  • Multiple pending payout requests: having multiple pending payout requests at one time can slow down processing speed.




10 responses to “How to get faster payouts with Teespring

  1. Gabrielle Ward says:

    This is my first time for payout and read about the delays. Will I receive an email once this has been processed? The amount is over $100. I have clicked on the payout button but not sure if anything has happen yet.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Gabrielle, you should receive an email when you request a payout (check your spam box). If your payout is not processed within 7 working days please notify

  2. Joshua says:

    Hello, i just joined the teespring in less than 24 hours, and i already have a customer who purchased a product, with an evidence that was sent to her. i think the seller should also be notified if any customer purchases any product. Then, please…how can i get my money, i dont have an account with teespring yet, and a customer already purchased a product from my platform. please educate me…am i supposed to use my personal account from my country bank or i’ll need to open a dorm account, because we’re dealing with foreign currencies.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Joshua – learn about seller payments here. If you need further assistance please contact

  3. Nate V says:

    I opened a TeeSpring account yesterday, and have some items sold to Facebook and Instagram followers. Obviously, I have now accrued some profit, but my Payouts tab still says I currently have no profit, then invites me to launch a listing. Is there a minimum? Is this tied to the “Campaign” thing? Or is there usually a delay?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Nate, this is probably because of a delay since you’ve just created your account. If the problem persists, please email with your issue.

  4. Josh says:

    3 people have recently bought my shirts a day ago, all though it still says I have no payouts available any fixes?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Josh, payout requests can take 1-7 working days to be processed so sit tight! Please find more info on payouts here

  5. Lorraine Weintraub says:

    can I use my debit card if I don’t have a Paypal account?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Lorraine, payouts are processed through Payoneer or Paypal – see more info here

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