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How Farzana uses online promotion & Teespring tools to maximize her sales

Meet Farzana. Not only is she a successful Teespring seller, she’s a hardworking and creative Bangladeshi woman. She has started her very own online business from scratch and has begun cracking the code to success with the Boosted Network. She’s here to share her story and inspire other people to do the same.

Teespring first caught Farzana’s eye when she learned it was a platform that empowers anyone to create and sell custom products with no cost, risk, or hassle. She decided to try selling simple designs she created using online templates. Within days, she generated her first sale. It was at this time she began to consider Teespring as a serious income source.

“I couldn’t  believe I was able earn money with Teespring without spending anything. I got my first sales within 3 days and that’s when I realized that Teespring could be a great source of income for me.”

She did a ‘deep-dive’ into researching why she made that first sale. How did the product sell (through Teespring’s Boosted Network)? Why did the buyer choose this design (why was this design message so powerful)? Who is the buyer and where are they located (who did she create the design for)? By tirelessly reflecting on and researching this information she found the tools to scale her success and sell even more. As of now, Farzana has maintained a 3 to 1 ratio for campaigns to sales; out of every three listings she creates, one gets a sale. Those are some impressive results!  


Maximizing sales with Teespring tools

On average, 88% of Farzana’s sales come from Teespring’s Boosted Network. She says the success of her sales reply on two factors; unique designs and listing optimization.

1) Create a unique design

Farzana focuses on both evergreen and trend niches. For her evergreen niches, she specializes in hobbies and careers. When it comes to trend niches she follows Pinterest and the news to see the latest trending topics. She says Pinterest is a great site for finding design inspiration. For example, if she’s interested in exploring a tennis related niche she’ll use Pinterest to look for quotes and images for inspiration. When Farzana finds an image she likes she applies her own creative skills to create something totally new. She makes sure to always check trademark and copyright databases—especially if she is considering incorporating or adapting existing design elements or quotes into a new design (see resources).  

2) Optimizing listings for marketplace search

Using descriptive keywords and optimizing Teespring listings is a crucial part of getting your products listed and maximizing sales from the Boosted Network. Our goal is to list a variety of design themes within the Boosted Network (and avoid listing similar content), so sellers who create a descriptive listing title help us identify the audience their design is intended for and increase their chances of getting listed—for example, ‘American Flag Bowling Shirt’ is much more descriptive compared to than ‘Limited Edition Tee’. Farzana gets keyword tips at Remember it’s important to avoid keyword stuffing and write readable listing descriptions—you don’t want your listings to appear spammy.


Using Reddit to increase sales

While Farzana relies on Teespring to help generate the majority of her sales she also focuses on organic and paid promotion too. Her go-to site for paid and organic promotion has always been Reddit.

“I prefer using Reddit over Facebook to get direct sales. In the past, I’ve successfully used a paid link ad campaign on Reddit and targeted my specific niche. I got excellent results and several sales. It’s important to note that I have a Karma Score over 2,000. So if you’re considering promoting your own Teespring listings you should familiarize yourself with Reddit and increase your Karma Score first. When I post any article or image on Reddit I always include my Teespring listing url too.”  

Farzana’s future with Teespring

Farzana’s story is unique in the fact that she is one of the first female sellers from Bangladesh who is successfully pioneering the world of online selling. We’re so proud to be able to support Farzana on this journey and we love seeing a growing group of women dominating the e-commerce space with Teespring!

Farzana says her goal is to inspire others, especially women, to pursue their aspirations and find success with Teespring too.

“Any woman can start designing products and making money with Teespring. There is no cost or risk involved. All you have to do is get started. I’m proud of my success and the fact that I am able to create another income source for my family.”

So what’s next for Farzana?

I want and dream to become the top female seller in Asia”.

You go girl!


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