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Facebook Pixel news for Teespring creators


To position your business for success, Teespring Labs recommends using the New Facebook pixel that combines both the conversion tracking pixel and the Custom Audience pixels, and gives creators access to Facebook’s new innovations moving forward. To ensure that all advertisers are using the best tools possible, Facebook is removing the conversion tracking pixel in early 2017. For conversion tracking, optimization, and remarketing, we recommend upgrading to the Facebook pixel at your earliest convenience.


September 15, 2016: All Facebook ad accounts will no longer be able to create conversion tracking pixels. Previously-created conversion tracking pixels will still be available for use in campaigns and reporting.

October 15, 2016: Facebook will no longer actively support the conversion tracking pixel. At this time, Facebook will no longer be adding functionality or actively maintaining the conversion tracking pixel. They will still be available for use in campaigns and reporting.

February 15, 2017: Conversion tracking pixel will be disabled. At this time, the conversion tracking pixel will be disabled and removed from our advertising tools. Results from campaigns that used the conversion tracking pixel will still be viewable in your reports.

Here’s a full list of features the Facebook pixel gives you, compared with the older pixels:


What does this mean for Teespring Creators?

Creators who use ads to promote their Teespring campaigns are accustomed to seeing three types of pixels in their Teespring Dashboard:

  • Facebook Pixel – this is the “newest” pixel and replaces both the conversion pixel and custom audience pixel
  • Facebook Conversion Pixel – this pixel is deprecated and will be removed entirely by Facebook in February 2017
  • Facebook Custom Audience Pixel – this pixel is unadvised but not fully deprecated by Facebook yet

However, after October 15th creators will no longer be able to add additional conversion pixels to their Teespring accounts –  therefore we strongly encourage creators to rely on the new Facebook Pixel for tracking.


 Learn about what the new Facebook Pixel can do here.

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  1. Meb McMahon says:

    How do I make sure that my facebook pixel code is working

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