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Selling custom cloth face masks + supporting a worthy cause

You can instantly create and sell custom cloth face masks in the Teespring Launcher. This product is fulfilled globally, meaning we’re able to optimize production and delivery timelines based on your buyers’ location. Adding face masks to our product offering is the direct result of numerous requests from our user community. We hope this new product offers creators and their customers a sense of community and self-expression while supporting a special cause in the process.  


$1 donated for every sale

We want to put our revenue towards a special cause that will have a real, positive impact on people who are suffering as a result of this pandemic—therefore, as a company, Teespring will donate $1 for every face mask sold to a nonprofit to feed hungry children in the USA. Nearly 22 million children rely on the meals they receive at school, and schools being closed through the fall means there are a lot of children without access to nutritious food or consistent meals. Every $1 donated goes towards 10+ meals for America’s kids so each face mask you sell can make a big difference!

If you’d like to offer additional support to any US based non-profit you can contact to donate additional profits from other product sales and add a verified donation badge to your listing.


Customizing your mask 

Product details
Cloth face masks provide full nose and mouth coverage when worn. Each mask’s exterior is made of 100% polyester and can be customized using sublimation print. The interior of the mask contains 100% cotton lining in white. Masks include two white, elastic ear loops on each side so people can comfortably wear them over their face. 

Please note cloth face masks are not medical grade products. You can reference the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for recommendations on the best types of face coverings to use for self-protection

  • Single-sided print (exterior)
  • 7″ w by 3.5″h size
  • Two elastic, white ear loops  
  • Covers mouth and nose
  • 100% polyester exterior with 100% cotton lined interior
  • $7.50 base cost and $12 – $15 recommended retail price
  • Care instructions: machine wash cold, line dry, do not bleach
Design formatting tips
Face masks are fully integrated in the Teespring Launcher so you can create them instantly. The exterior of each mask is decorated using sublimation print so you can create a variety of vibrant and eye-catching designs. If you plan to add a logo or text to your mask, consider using our design template to check the ‘safe’ area for placing these elements (see image below)—when worn, the sides of the mask may fold to fit the curve of the face, so design elements outside of the safe area may be hidden under the folds.

Keep in mind we recommend creating design files that are 8.3″w by 7.8″h (2490 px x 2340 px) @ 300 ppi. Check out our free pattern collections that can be uploaded to the Teespring Launcher as well as our inspiration board for more design ideas. Quick tip, you can easily apply your existing t-shirt designs to this product and choose a colored background in the launcher too. 

How your design will look from template to preview

Head to the launcher now and select “Cloth Face Mask” to upload your design. If you’re new to Teespring you can check out our full launch tutorial here. 






20 responses to “Selling custom cloth face masks + supporting a worthy cause

  1. Taylor Singleton says:

    This site is a complete rip off. I ordered a t-shirt months ago but haven’t received said t-shirt, but teespring took my money none the less. So I advise everyone not to buy anything from this shitty site

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello there, sorry to hear that. Have you contacted for assistance? We’d be happy to help you there. You can also reach out to us on social media with your issue!

    2. Mark says:

      Mine came, but the sizing is way of, and the text is peeling- they have not responded-
      If they don’t I will put a stop on the credit card

      1. Luiza Jordan says:

        Hey sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your order! Have you reached out to with your problem?

  2. April Zoller says:

    I received a tshirt from your company in the wrong size. How do I exchange it for the right size ?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello there. We apologize that you’ve experienced issues with receiving the correct product! Please contact and we can help you there.

  3. Kimberly Beaulieu says:

    I received the wrong essential t-shirt. Was supposed to be Childcare and I received Bus Driver. Please infirm me what I need to do to get the correct shjrt. Thank you…..Kim

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello there, so sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues with this! Please email with your order number and they will be able to help you organize an exchange.

  4. Mary Smih says:

    Are your asks 2 layers and is there a pocket for a filter?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey there! Each mask’s exterior is made of 100% polyester and can be customized using sublimation print. The interior of the mask contains 100% cotton lining in white. There is not a pocket for a filter unfortunately.

  5. Paul says:

    hi how the hell do you get a payout on the site! I’ve been trying for months to enter my paypal account and I can’t get my money. No response from the customer support either. I don;t want to sell thousands of masks and not get paid.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello! We apologize for the delay in getting support to you. Over the last few weeks there’s been a huge influx of orders, combined with delays caused by COVID-19 lockdown, this has resulted in a large number of emails being sent to our support teams. We’ve hired new support agents and are working overtime to respond to everyone as quickly as possible. We’re doing everything in our power to return to our normal 24 – 48 hour response times. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  6. Robert Guevara says:

    Is there a specific non-profit that will receive the $1 donation? I’ve been asked by people interested in buying some masks from my teespring shop.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Yes we’re donating to a specific non-profit organization that supports children in need. However, as part of their fundraising policy they cannot appear to be affiliated with any political organizations. Since Teespring users can create a wide variety of designs (including political ones), we decided to not specify their name to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the nonprofit’s political affiliations. Sorry about that!

  7. Adam Taub says:

    Hello! I’m trying to relaunch some cloth face masks I am selling and cannot find how to do it. Who can I speak to?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, what do you mean re-launch? If you need further assistance with this, reach out to

  8. Rita says:

    1) I have designs that need to be inside of the “safe zone” (some can go a bit over it). I cannot stretch them to fill the bleed area.
    What happens if I do not upload extra images / image strips to fill the bleed area? Will the printer “stretch” my whole illustration to fill also the bleed area, thus cutting off essential parts of the illustration outside the image?
    2) Follow up question: I know how to add items to a listing, but have not found a way to delete items that I want to improve a bit (like placing the img better, etc)?
    If there is not a way to remove an image from a listing, the only choice is to scrap the whole listing and build a new one from scratch. That is a huge waste of time.
    (i do know you can remove an item from the storefront, but to me the listings are essential.)
    Thank You in advance.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, if your image is smaller than the printable area dimensions and within the guide lines, then it will be printed at that size–not stretched 🙂
      We are working on introducing the ability to edit current listings really soon. Watch this space!

  9. J. Paul Gomez says:

    Does the face mask have a nose wire? The one shown with the model looks like it’s not fitting properly.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, no, face masks do not have this feature. Please note, our cloth face masks are not medical grade products.

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