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Everything you need to know about Teespring’s Amazon Integration update

In January 2017 we announced a variety of new updates and initiatives to help you take your online business to the next level in the new year. Amazon Integration was one of the most talked about T2 updates, and we’re excited to begin rolling out this feature to the entire Teespring Community. As of Monday, March 20th we have begun auto-listing eligible Teespring campaigns on Amazon. Eligible campaigns meet the following three requirements:

  • Feature upper body apparel (must be rush shipping eligible)
  • US campaigns (set to continuous relaunch or always available)
  • Profit margin larger than $6.75

We want to remind everyone that this is just the beginning! We are working on more features to make selling Teespring products on Amazon even more convenient and will be sharing new updates over the next several weeks.

Below you’ll find several resources to help you get started with selling on Amazon. Our goal is to help you develop your long-term marketing strategy for acquiring additional sales through this integration, so stay tuned for more tips in the Teespring Blog!



34 responses to “Everything you need to know about Teespring’s Amazon Integration update

  1. Joe Flynn says:

    This is great. Thank you. Strong move to get ahead of the other POD platforms.

  2. JOE RIVERA says:


  3. khalid zobaier says:

    give the direct link of Integration

  4. Kennedy says:

    This an awesome stuff an am willing to continue working with teespring

  5. Bo says:

    my campaign meets the criteria but it does not appear on Amazon. I do not either have the globe-icon when I check my campaign on the dashboard. Is this due to delays or perhaps the fact that I am not based in US ?

    Best Regards,

  6. C says:

    Is this a gradual roll-out? I’m not seeing it on my rush-eligible shirts yet.

  7. Rob says:

    Great news about Teespring’s Amazon Integration! 🙂
    But I’m missing the “Amazon Settings” globe icon in my campaigns dashboard!?

  8. Gregory Bankston says:

    How do i view my campaign on Amazon ?

  9. arfin ratul says:

    i is awesome, i want this .

  10. Marcus Hopkins says:

    Does Teespring update automatically? Under campaign, I don’t have the amazon globe yet.

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      Yes – you’ll notice the globe appearing soon. The integration is being rolled out over the next week or so to everyone.

  11. stephen says:

    Hi when I try to click on the links the page shows for a second and goes to a blank page, is my computor or wrong at your end ?

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      It’s working normally for us, it must be your computer. Try using Chrome.

  12. rafi says:

    What is feature upper body appearel?

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      Upper body apparel is t-shirts, hoodies, etc. You must feature rush eligible products in your campaign for it to be eligible for Amazon. Learn more here:

  13. Partha says:

    I want to work with Amazon

  14. Birri says:

    How to know the link our campaign on amazon?

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      You will see the globe icon appear next to campaigns that are eligible for Amazon. You can search for your campaign on Amazon using the campaign title.

  15. patricia nolan-brown says:

    I cant figure out why I cant add my products to amazon?
    Can you help, I dont have an icon for Amazon

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      Hey there! Your products need to meet the requirements listed above. We will be rolling out integration to everyone over the next week or so, so you should notice the globe icon appearing in your dashboard soon. Then you can optimize those campaigns for Amazon 🙂

      1. carlos torres says:

        Does not appear the integration icon in any of my campaigns, I made the optimization in them but I do not know what else to do to be able to list in amazon, any suggestions?

      2. Marius says:

        I was wondering if this is for everyone or just selected few? I can’t see any globe icon next to any of my designs so far …

      3. Joel T says:

        Kate, thank you for the article and updates. I am still not seeing an Amazon integration globe among my products. Is the rollout still in progress? Or is there something I need to do on my end before the globe appears? Thank you!

        1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

          Hey Joel, we are still rolling this out. Thanks for your patience!

          1. Julia says:

            I’ve heard you need to have sold ten designs before getting your designs uploaded to Amazon. Is this true?

          2. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

            Nope, everyone will get access to Amazon integration. However since this is being rolled out little by little, and due to Amazon’s policies and limits (not ours), we do have to prioritize what gets added and the number of sales will certainly factor into that prioritization.

  16. Dusan says:

    Hi there,
    All my products meet the requirements but still don’t get the globe..
    What can I do about it?

  17. Alice says:

    Hi dose it apply to Germany too cause I don’t find any amazon icon ball please tell me what am doing wrong cos I have over 15 design no sales northing

  18. John says:

    Today is 18/4/2017 but i still dont see the Amazon icon in my Product Dashboard. What was wrong with my account?

  19. rifat says:

    amazon sitting does not appear in my account..what to do ?

  20. Matt says:

    Should the Amazon icon have appeared on eligible listings by now? Because I haven’t got any yet.

  21. MD.Emran says:

    All my products meet the amazon teespring +integration requirements but still don’t get the globe..
    What can I do about it?

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      Please be patient! This feature will be available to everyone soon.

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