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Enhanced product mockups are now available in new launcher beta

Heads up! We’ve just enhanced product mockups in new launcher beta. Beta users can visit the launcher now to check out the updated printable areas on products—you’ll love how they look! Thanks for providing valuable feedback and helping us improve this exciting new feature even more.

How can current beta users update existing listings?

We encourage all current beta users to update their listings to feature the new, enhanced mockups. All you need to do is:

  1. Duplicate listing settings
  2. Upload artwork
  3. Launch!

Keep in mind you can also end your listing and create a totally new one as well. Just select ‘end immediately’ in your listing’s settings and launch a new listing.


(NEW) View global listings based on buyer location

We’ve also released an additional update that impacts all listings on Now you can preview global listings based on your buyer’s location. To use this feature scroll to the bottom of any listing page. In the footer you’ll see a new “Location” toggle. Keep in mind the location setting will always default based on the viewer’s location and display product options and delivery timelines accordingly. We will be expanding our global product options soon too!

Keep in mind you won’t be able to change the location if your listing features all US products or all EU products.


Want access to the new launcher beta?

We’re ready to start adding more users to the beta! You can request beta access below. We’ll aim to notify all new beta users via chat or email once you’re granted access.  





7 responses to “Enhanced product mockups are now available in new launcher beta

  1. Gerardo says:


    Will you ship anywhere in the wolrd, or how it is the mechanism?

    Thank you,

    Best regards

    1. Mostafa says:

      Yes I do

  2. Rounjo says:

    If I use ‘launcher beta’ that what will happen with my previous launcher. Is it remain the same? May I use both…

  3. Shourav says:

    Love this update. Love the way it looks. But there is one thing I really don’t like is, it is so much time consuming. I’ve launched my first listing with this launcher earlier today and it tooks me around 15 minutes to launch! I hope Teespring Team will work on this matter and give us a better and faster product launcher.
    Thank you

    1. Atef khadr says:

      Hell There
      so I hard work every day <5h sometimes over5h but I still looking for myself and nothing I have sales yat
      I hope I wish from teespring team to guide me to the right way right steps
      thank You

      1. Erica Bickel says:

        Hey Atef, I would recommend checking out our creator guide and training center for more tips and tricks on selling. Best of luck!

  4. David Köhler says:

    Please Integrate me in the beta 🙂 I send you request… I am New There and its a Interessted site …

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