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Emoji + Teespring


We at Teespring are pleased to announce that we’ve included emoji from the open-source EmojiOne in our design tool! Now you can create emoji designs, so you can let your shirt (or hoodie, or mug) do the speaking for you. Here’s how:


Design Emoji Merch Now

As Teespring Cofounder Evan Stites-Clayton put it, “Emoji are the closest thing that we have to a universal language in the modern era. There’s nothing else I could be more excited about than enabling our creators to use in their designs!”

Jennifer 8. Lee, a member of the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji Subcommittee, added, “Of course emoji should be part of fashion! Now people can get whichever emoji their 💕 desire on 👕  thanks to EmojiOne and Teespring.”


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