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Emoji + Teespring


We at Teespring are pleased to announce that we’ve included emoji from the open-source EmojiOne in our design tool! Now you can create emoji designs, so you can let your shirt (or hoodie, or mug) do the speaking for you. Here’s how:


Design Emoji Merch Now

As Teespring Cofounder Evan Stites-Clayton put it, “Emoji are the closest thing that we have to a universal language in the modern era. There’s nothing else I could be more excited about than enabling our creators to use in their designs!”

Jennifer 8. Lee, a member of the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji Subcommittee, added, “Of course emoji should be part of fashion! Now people can get whichever emoji their ???? desire on ????  thanks to EmojiOne and Teespring.”


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