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Email marketing: 4 tips for success

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Think the days of email marketing are in the junk folder? Think again. When done right, email marketing for your Teespring storefronts and campaigns can significantly increase your sales. And for the first time ever, we’re giving all Teespring Partners the access (and responsibility) to do so!

Teespring Partners know that even if a buyer purchases one of your products, they don’t always know that they’ve bought something from your brand. Therefore, it’s hard for them to find your storefront again to add to their awesome collection of your designs! And with a repeat buying rate of over 50%, odds are that your buyer does want to come back to you for more. Research shows that you can increase the lifetime value of your customer by building a long-lasting relationship with them through frequent contacts and follow-ups. Email marketing is an effective way of achieving this. The act of remarketing to a past buyer who has opted in to your emails is called permission based marketing, and has an estimated response rate between 5% and 20%.

We want you to use your email powers for good – follow these 4 easy tips and you should be set up in no time, creating email marketing campaigns for your storefronts like a pro!

1. Build bonds with buyers

Be sure to send relevant emails to your buyers, highlighting how your products are uniquely suited to them or serving some kind of purpose in their life. This kind of specification helps to build relationships of trust and lends you credibility amongst your potential buyers.

2. Honor Unsubscribes

Always provide potential clients with a choice for subscribing to your emails and newsletters. Their decision for subscription should be a conscious one and stealthy methods of signing up clients should be avoided at all costs. While Teespring gives buyers the option to “opt out” of your lists, you are responsible for honoring and subsequent requests from respondents who wish to be removed. You can automate this unsubscribe process either manually, or using a tool (like Mailchimp) that collects unsubs for you. Just including an unsubscribe option in your message will increase customer trust.

3. Get personal

Okay – not too personal! An easy and inoffensive way to make a buyer feel like they know you is to call them by name. Whenever possible, use a mass email tool like Streak in order to customize your messages using merge tags. If you don’t have enough information on a buyer, avoid personal greetings and just keep it general!

4. Keep it visual

When scrolling through your email inbox what’s one way to catch your attention? With visually interesting elements of course! Don’t send simple text based messages to your buyers; make sure to include images of your latest designs and products. Also be sure to link back to your product pages and stores so they know where to purchase your products.


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