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Driving merchandise sales with the YouTube community tab

Using the community tab is a fantastic way to engage with your audience, without upsetting your release schedule.

What is the Community Tab?

The community tab is a special forum for you and your audience, allowing you a platform to announce and interact with your community. Host Q&A’s, conduct polls, share exclusive content or just dish out your favourite memes.

How can you use the community tab to drive sales?

You can use the tab to ask your community questions about the things they care about, like representing in your merch! Whether it is pitting your best merch designs against each other and asking them to vote or even asking what price your audience think is fair to pay, the community tab is a useful tool to interact with your closest circle of subscribers.

Joshua Slice, the creative genius behind Lucas the Spider, uses the tab frequently, posting regular updates to let fans of Lucas stay ‘in the loop’ with new video announcements, polls and merch links!

By using the tab exclusively, Lucas the Spider merchandise was a great success and gave super-fans the chance to own the ‘first edition’ of the shirt, as it wasn’t posted on any other social media.

What more can I do?

If you really want to go the extra mile, you could consider promoting an exclusive discount just for your YouTube community tab visitors to measure your results, or as a way to say thank you to your most loyal followers


The Community tab is currently available to select YouTube channels (both verified and non-verified) with over 10,000 subscribers.

Explore more about the community tab here…

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  1. Wigglemania says:

    Wish we had our own T-Shirts

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