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Start selling custom die cut stickers with Teespring

Die cut stickers are a high-demand product that’s here just in time for the holidays! Visit the Teespring Launcher now to see if you’ve gotten access to this exciting new product. Right now sellers can create this custom product by submitting their listing details and designs.    

Teespring die cut stickers feature calendered vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive and a glossy white finish for the highest quality look and feel. Their durable vinyl finish protects your designs from scratches and moisture too.


Product details

With the largest size offering in the business, you can create truly unique and original sticker designs to stick…wherever you like!

  • Up to 5” x 5”
  • 6 mil calendered vinyl
  • Glossy white finish
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Printed on white vinyl


Pricing recommendations

The base price is just $3.50 no matter what size or shape your sticker is and your sticker’s selling price is up to you. Currently, people are selling this product within the $4.99 – $7.99 price range.


Design tips

  • Up to 5 inches x 5 inches
  • 300 dpi
  • Stickers feature a 1/8″ white border around the artwork
  • Printed on white vinyl, so ensure white design elements are outlined
  • All objects placed in the launcher will be combined into one sticker


Start selling now

Just like our other products, all our stickers are print on demand, meaning no upfront costs and no hassle!

We print your vinyl stickers using high-definition Inkjet technology. We cut them using Swiss precision in order to crop all of the shapes.

By default, stickers are printed every 3 day days. You can customize your listing’s print cycle in your listing settings. 



30 responses to “Start selling custom die cut stickers with Teespring

  1. Al Zampieri says:

    I have many designs for stickers that I designed.Many Animal breeds.

  2. Youssef el miri says:


  3. Matt Jackson says:

    Hi… I got this email notification and am excited about creating some stickers for sale through Next Level Carpentry on YouTube, etc but I’m having difficulty navigating through the process. I downloaded the .psd template but have no idea what software to use to get the template to work.
    I submitted a request to have the stickers made available to me which was a bit confusing because I got the email saying they’re available now.
    Thanks for any help you can provide…
    Best, Matt

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Matt, to open a .psd file, you’ll need the photoshop software. However, die-cut stickers are now integrated into the Teespring launcher and are much easier to design through this method.

  4. VUTZARCO says:


  5. NAINA MISHRA says:

    Yeah ! stricers I made just for look great but when I saw your ad I’m super excited to do business with you . OKAY THEN ! THANKS A LOT FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE TO WORK FOR OTHER’S TO MAKING SUPER CUTIE AND GRARFICAL , And horrible stickers to earn money and I am sure about that you will like my every single sticker .
    I am an Indian girl crazy to make sticker and now I am super excited…if I saw my design like other people and buy that T- shirt from your store. Thanks and Regards…,Sonia is my Nick name and you can also call me Sonia.

  6. stephan says:

    TO be clear, when a customer makes one order, they’ll get six stickers total?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Stephan, that’s incorrect. 1 sale = 1 sticker. Thanks!

    2. Jordi says:

      Can we use this stickers for cars? I mean, the rain do harm them?

      1. Erica Bickel says:

        Hey Jordi, we have a lot of sellers using these stickers on cars.

        1. vanel John says:

          can these stickers be use on tshirts?

          1. Luiza Jordan says:

            You can put your stickers wherever you like–but if you stick it to fabric and then remove/wash the tshirt it will loose its stick.

  7. Stephan says:

    I saw that there was a way people can buy shirts in bulk. Can people buy stickers in bulk?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Stephan, there is no way to buy stickers in bulk except to increase the quantity at checkout. Thanks!

  8. simplepickle says:

    Your website is too good. I like your post nice job…

  9. Jennifer Hosaka says:

    Will these stick to car windows?

    1. Erica Bickel says:


  10. Jordi says:

    Hi! Another question! The stickers are UV protected? So the ink does not fade!

  11. Jordi says:

    Are the stickers water resistant in case of rain?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Jordi, the stickers are not technically water resistant but we do have some people using them on their cars.

  12. Charlene Maurer says:

    Hello loving Teespring but have a question i have made many items but have been reading on the site and see different items to do BACK PACKS and a few others but they dont show for me to do . and trying very hard to get mine to take off any good suggestion would be great
    thank you

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey there! Here’s more info on how to unlock our new specialty products:

  13. Kathy says:

    Just so I’m clear – I can create a custom sticker then others can order just one. In other words, I don’t have to agree to a minimum order?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Kathy, that is correct!

  14. Lamiar says:

    Hi, what’s the physic size of the stickers? 5 x 5 inches or centimeters ?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, the sticker sizes go up to 5 x 5 inches.

  15. Martin says:

    1. How do you determine which brand is used for t-shirts, hoodies, et cetera?
    2. What is the printing/transfer process? Is it screen printed transferring, heat transfer vinyl, print cut heat transfer vinyl, et cetera?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello there! You can find some of these details here in the product catalog: Find out about printing here:

  16. patiencelovey says:

    Actually it very nice..but one problem am facing now is that;am using Nokia Lumia Though I have created the account but opening the teespring launcher is the problem.pls any help

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, we’re working on optimizing the launcher for mobile use but right now, you’re better to create your merch on a desktop.

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