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December 2016: global events calendar


The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! Are you ready for the biggest shopping days of 2016? Get design inspiration and learn about upcoming events for December below – and be sure to check out our November events calendar if you haven’t already.




Ugly Sweater Day (December 16): The ugly Christmas sweater became popular in the 1980’s when celebrities like Timmy Mallett and Bill Cosby began wearing them on television. They rose in popularity again around 2001 when people started hosting “ugly sweater parties” in Canada and the US. Today, these sweaters are a symbol of the holidays and are a popular gift for friends, colleagues and family. During Christmas it’s common for people to host “tacky sweater parties” where friends and family gather wearing their funniest Christmas sweater to celebrate the holidays. Christmas sweaters are especially popular in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. Something Teespring Creators should keep in mind about ugly sweater designs is that generally people are searching for the most ridiculous, random or obnoxious designs they can find! Also, “Christmas sweaters” don’t necessarily have to be actual “sweaters” – these designs can be featured on sweatshirts, t-shirts and long-sleeve tees too. Get design tips and free ugly sweater templates now!


xmas_sweaters.pngEvery year buyers search for the perfect “ugly Christmas sweater” on


Christmas (December 25): Christmas is a HUGE gift-giving holiday around the world; gifts are exchanged on this day in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. The official Christmas shopping season begins on Black Friday (although many people start as early as October) and continues all the way up until the big day! During the month of December there are lots of holiday parties and traditions including decorating Christmas trees, hanging stockings, kissing under mistletoe, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, singing traditional carols and taking children to visit Santa Claus  – you can learn more about Christmas traditions here. Teespring Creators should experiment with “holidizing” their campaigns by incorporating holiday themes and colors (red and green are “Christmas” colors) into their most popular selling designs. Also, “job” themed designs can make great gifts for office parties (“I can’t keep calm – I’m an office manager!”). Keep in mind many buyers are looking for gifts for colleagues, family and friends so take a moment to consider how you can expand your target audience over the holidays.   

Hanukkah (December 24 – January 1): Hanukkah lasts eight days and celebrates the triumph of the Jewish people over religious persecution in the second century B.C. This holiday revolves around lighting a nine-branched menorah; the menorah is also a common symbol associated with Hanukkah. During Hanukkah it’s customary for adults to give gifts to children each day as the family lights the menorah, nowadays it’s also common for adults to give gifts to one another as well (mainly due to the Christian tradition of gift-giving). Teespring Creators can get creative with their ugly Christmas sweater designs and incorporate Hanukkah themes as well – keep in mind Hanukkah colors are blue, white and silver. With 8 days of gift-giving creators have plenty of opportunities to help buyers find the perfect present!


Holiday cutoff dates will be announced shortly! Stay tuned!

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