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Creator spotlight: The Official podcast

Podcasting has officially hit the mainstream, with more than 42 million Americans (!!) listening to at least one podcast a week.

With the surge of new podcasts bubbling up each day, creators must develop programming that draws their fans in and keeps them hooked for the long haul. This includes a mix of compelling content, personality, and last but not least – quality audio. Our good friends over at The Official Podcast have mastered the art of podcasting, creating content across a range of platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, and Twitch. The format is simple enough: four international friends get together to talk current events and whatever else that strikes their fancy. But their unique group chemistry and frequent high-profile guests (such as Ozzy Man Reviews and Funhaus) are what ultimately keep fans coming back each week.

As they already had a series of shirts featuring their logo, the gang was eager to create a piece of merch that was unique to their audience. This led them to take a cue from an “intentionally lame” joke that has since become an inside hit within the community –

The Result:

Launching the shirt as a part of their episode featuring PewDiePie, the shirt was an instant success across their fan base. The reception even prompted them to create a new edition – Bored Burgers Staff Shirt:

This was a successful example of turning a community inside joke into a design that can continuously be repurposed. Drawing inspiration from a fan base is super important if you want to create merch that’s not only appealing, but also remains relevant for months to come.

Hats off to The Official Podcast, we’re excited to see what you guys come up with next!

Catch The Official Podcast every Thursday at 9pm EST.



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