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Creator spotlight: Sora

A new Creator Community Q&A coming in hot! This week, we’re talking with French Youtuber, Sora!

1) How did you get your start as a Creator on Youtube? At what point were you able to turn your hobby into a business?

It goes back a very long time! Over 7 years ago now, I was watching a videographer on the site “Dailymotion”. One day he decided that he wanted to migrate to Youtube. I followed him and that’s when I first discovered the platform!

The second question is a bit related to the first! I’ve had several channels in the past 7 years. My first that lasted 1 year, a second 2/3 years later with my girlfriend, and then finally I started Sora about 1 and a half years ago.

At first it was really just a bonus, I wanted to play video games and I absolutely did not think the channel would resonate as much as it did! I launched it in July, and by January I was in business ^-^

2) Has your content evolved since then?

Of course! At first I was pretty bad at editing. Though I was able to improve overtime and now I’m really happy to see what the channel has become. Although I still want to improve on editing, it will come with time!

I also diversified. At first I was only creating gaming videos, now I try to do a little bit of everything.

3) I’d love to hear more about the French YouTube community. What type of content resonates with your audience? What other channels do you use to interact with your fans?

My audience loves everything about Japan and manga. The game that made me known is a game with the Japanese atmosphere, “Yandere Simulator”.

Each Youtuber has a community that matches her personality, mine is extremely caring and I’m proud of it!

Apart from Youtube, I am present on Twitter and Snapchat in priority! But also on Facebook and Instagram.

4) What is your favorite part about being a Creator on YouTube?

If I had to choose my favorite part, it would be seeing all the positive reviews. It’s great to see that a video, on which we dedicated several hours to, is appreciated. My videos allow some to be entertained, others to outright forget their worries, or to those who have had a bad day to finish on a positive note. It is the best reward I can give!

I also like to shoot videos of course. Though video games are one of my passions, playing for my work is a real pleasure! On the other hand, contrary to what some people think, this represents only 20% of what I do. The biggest and most important part of my work is reserved for editing which takes hours!

Photo via @_universdesora

5) When did you launch on Teespring? How has it impacted your overall business?

I started on Teespring in October. Creating garments representing the world that my community and I built was a dream, and I’m happy and proud that this has come true!

Once in awhile, I think about new designs and new things that I could put in the shop. But it will come with time! 😛

6) What’s next for Sora?

Always more projects! I have a lot of things in mind and I look forward to putting them in place, I hope they will please! ^ – ^

I’d like to wrap this with a phrase that I say at the end of each video with my own personal touch. It is a sentence from the English actor, Charlie Chaplin that inspires me and my work.

“A day without laughter is a day lost, so smile” 🙂

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  1. Luna says:

    I love your videos so much thank you for uploading them

  2. Luna says:

    I hope u have a great summer/ spring

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