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Creator news: Facebook’s acquisition of Source3

Although social media is vital to promoting your brand online, creators continuously run the risk of piracy and losing out on potential profits. Earlier this week though, Facebook took the first steps to mitigate this issue by acquiring the content rights management startup, Source3. So what could this mean for you as a Teespring Creator?

Increased measures to protect your designs

Source3’s technology recognizes brand content across the web and in commerce market places. If your content is recognized, you will have the opportunity to license it or take action against those infringing on your copyright or trademark. The technology will most likely work in conjunction with Facebook’s existing Rights Manager software in identifying IP theft.

Be sure you are protected!

More communication channels

Facebook recently announced at Vidcon that they would be releasing a standalone app for video creators later in the year.  The app will allow creators more flexibility to customize their content, and then share it across Facebook owned properties such as Instagram and Messenger.  Facebook is in a prime position to become a massive hub for creators, but must prove that rights management remains a top priority.

Potential revenue streams & sponsorship opportunities

It’s no secret that Facebook is looking to provide a better home for content creators and professionally produced content. The platform has already made moves to pay movie studios to make videos just for Facebook. The ability to recognize branded products within videos could allow creators the opportunity to earn more money via product placement and other sponsorships. This could also allow for more targeted ad placement if a related product is featured within the video.

While these changes won’t take place overnight, this marks the next step in Facebook’s move to protect creators against IP theft, as well as increase revenue streams. More updates to follow!  


3 responses to “Creator news: Facebook’s acquisition of Source3

  1. Kim Thomas says:

    In Reference to Source 3, will this software only recognize logos, trademarks of already brand well known in the market? Or for people like me as well who does not have a copyright or trade Mark on every item.?

    1. Kate Strollo says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have the information to answer that accurately yet. We will be sure to update this post as more info about this partnership is released!

  2. Mona says:

    Thank you

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