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Creator insights: Panupong on EU markets

 panupong EN.png

Name: Panupong
Origin: Thailand
Teespring Creator since:


 1. What do you love about Teespring?

Right now, the thing that I love most about Teespring is Marketplace. It helps me boost sales up to 15-20% without spending on advert costs. 

2. Could you share with us your 3 top tips for new Creators and those who are finding it hard to sell to European markets?

Understanding the target market is necessary – research what you need to do first; it’s the most important step. EU countries are very different. If you don’t’ understand your customers, you won’t be able to make sales. Designs translated into your target market’s language will ususally sell more than English designs. You don’t need to sell just in the EU, you can sell to other global markets too.

3. Apart from Faebook ads, have you noticed ads on other platforms working for European campaigns?

Instagram is a great source of traffic for EU campaigns.  

4. What are some of your biggest challenges when selling to Europe? 

The difference in language and culture is the most challenging part. This might be the little thing that makes you unable to sell your tees if you don’t do good research.

5. How often do you use Teespring’s translations service?

At least once a week

6. Are you prepared for the holiday season? Any tips for other Creators about the holidays? 

Christmas is the best selling season of the year. During this time, I will launch more campaigns and relaunch old winners.

Thanks Panupong! If you’re intrested in translating your own designs contact the Teespring Langauges Department today via [email protected].

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