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Creator insights: David’s tips for global markets


David is a Teespring Creator who is based in Germany and specializes in selling to US, German and French markets. In this interview David discusses the importance of translating designs for global markets.


Name – David Schneider
Age – 28
Origin – Germany
Teespring Creator since – 2014

What countries have you focused on selling to lately?

Mostly United States, Germany and France.

If you target the same niche in multiple markets/countries, have you noticed any significant differences? Or are you able to use the same design within various EU markets?

You can use the same design, but I translate every design for the target market. You will not sell a lot of English designs in France or Germany.

Have you noticed any significant differences between EU and US based buyers when it comes to product preference?

No, not really.

Have you noticed any significant differences between EU and US based buyers when it comes to advertising styles ?

No, I use the same ad creative in every country. A square photo post works everywhere for me.

How has Teespring’s Languages Department helped you to enter new global markets?

They help me a lot! I can’t thank them enough. I usually start with an English or German design. If it’s a winner, I ask them to translate it for me into French, Italian and Spanish. With these 5 languages I can scale my ads across the globe.

Which Teespring feature has been the most useful to you or helps you to make the most profit lately? 

I think a combination of marketplace, storefronts and the cart feature are very powerful. In the last few months, Teespring generated a nice passive income from my old designs this way.

What are your top 3 tips for Creators interested in selling to new markets in Europe?

Get your ad copy and best selling designs translated and give it a shot. The most important part is to get your targeting ready for every country. In most cases you cannot target the same Interests that you used in the US. Use Google to translate the interests for your target market. Try to select the translated and the English interest, sometimes the English one works better.

Also, create lookalike audiences for European countries from your US custom audiences. In some cases, they convert really well.

If you could give Teespring Creators one piece of advice when it comes to using paid ads over the holidays what would it be?

I would focus more on lookalike audiences. Interest based targeting is good in the beginning, but it is very limited. Use your pixel data as soon as possible, lookalikes convert better and have more room for scaling.

Thanks David for this great feedback! If you would also like to try your hand in global markets, email our Languages Department today at [email protected] where we will be happy to translate your English designs into our 13 languages.

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