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Calling all creatives: utilize your talent with digital products

Monetize your talent by sharing your creativity with your community. The power of inviting your followers to learn your processes, enjoy your work at home, and share your knowledge is immeasurable. Inspiring fans to create makes them more likely to support you and your brand by purchasing your new, exciting digital products. Keep reading for creative digital product inspo.


Digitize your comics 

If you’re already a comic creator, illustrator, or just into drawing, e-comics will be easy for you. Bring your drawings and stories to life and save paper by transferring your drawings and comic drafts into a digital product. Fans can enjoy your work now on the go with a simple download to their mobile and tablet devices. 

All you need to do is turn your pages into .Pdf or .Jpeg documents. Create your e-comic in Microsoft Word, Adobe Indesign, or many other other app’s available to lay out and prepare your downloadable comic. If you’ve got several sheets, zip them up in a compressed folder ready for the Digital Launcher. Tell your community in your product description how to start reading on their devices after purchase. Demonstrate the value of your creation by uploading product preview images using these Placeit templates– providing imagery of the book cover and previews of pages inside. Check out how Supr Dee does it.


Followers can create too with digital coloring 

With your community being at home over the holidays, there’s no better opportunity to offer your fans activities to try out. Digitize your illustrations by removing the color and selling them as coloring sheets or books. Fans can now customize your creations using their own color palettes. Craft drawings using Adobe Illustrator (or the software you typically use), apply the live trace tool to vectorize the image, or upload the sheets as a .jpeg or .png for your fans to start coloring. 

Advise fans to use certain apps such as Procreate, Photoshop, Pigment, or Colofy. Alternatively, fans can print out files from home. Provide clear directions for after download within your product description, or include an instructional sheet in your zip folder. Tofu Chan provides a digital (or printable) coloring book to their community featuring Tofu Pupper, the dog their fans know and love on socials. Also check out Emzotic’s Candy creatures coloring e-book and Cardin Audio’s coloring book for chilling offline.


Creative tutorials, guides, and templates

Another amazing way to engage with followers by utilizing digital products is to let them in on your creative processes and secrets 😉 Put educational content, templates, guides, and tips into e-books and sheets and you’re ready to go! Follow the same steps as above to create educational e-books like Bin of trash with their How to chibi guide. Bhooked are selling these super cool crochet and knitting tutorials for fans with all levels of skill. 

Alternatively, create .Pdf documents for your community to print out. Makeup extraordinaire Geek out of water is selling a face chart for fans to plan their looks, and Shifty thrifting offers fun cross stitch patterns of their characters to her community, along with an instructional page and guide. 


Level-up fans devices using your designs 

Apply for your best designs, drawings, and creations to wallpapers in a zip folder, containing various sizes suited to an assortment of devices such as tablets, phones, apple watches or desktops. Check out Bin of Trash’s selection of wallpaper designs made from their awesome illustrations. Digital wallpapers usually sell as bundles with different designs and images for your community to choose from, so consider mixing and matching. Also apply the same designs used for your phone cases to your digital wallpapers. Add both of these products to your storefront and promote them together to increase your fans’ basket size!

Digital wallpaper device dimensions and specs
File types: jpg/png/zip

  • Apple watch: 390 x 312px
  • Tablet: 1024 x 768px
  • Desktop: 1920 x 1200px
  • Phone: 1125 x 2436px


DIY printable home decor 

Throughout 2020, DIY decor has been huge throughout e-commerce with fans looking to upgrade their spaces with minimal effort and cost with high visual impact. Without factoring in printing or shipping costs into your pricing, you can create downloadable posters for your community to print at home. 

Reuse your best drawings, illustrations and merch designs and prepare crisp, beautiful images your community will want for their walls and shelves. Zip together an assortment of different sized (.png, .jpeg, .pdf) files in A5, A4, and A3, making sure your poster is high resolution, looking great once printed. Put a Cup in it uses the logo their community widely recognize and associate with the kind of content they create, using the same design seen on their physical merch.


It doesn’t matter which type of creator you are or what your communities’ interests are, there are tons of options for you to transform your content into digital products. Begin discovering the possibilities right away by preparing your products for upload in the Digital Launcher Below. 





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