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Creating your first digital product

Most creators have content and designs that can be monetized as a digital product. Start by recycling your images and merch designs and upload them via the Digital Launcher. Continue reading to find some digital product options we recommend to get started with.


Wallpaper bundles

Wallpapers are a great digital product to begin with. Your buyers can download to personalize devices such as phones, desktops, Apple watches or tablets. Consider providing a variety of designs in bundles to increase your profit per sale. 

Check out Bonnie and Liam, and Jenny’s collections. Like these creators, re-use existing merch designs by applying them to your digital products. You’ll be ready to start selling once you’ve dropped your designs into editable mock-up templates on Placeit like this.

  • Apple watch: 390 x 312px
  • Tablet: 1024 x 768px
  • Desktop: 1920 x 1200px
  • Phone: 1125 x 2436px


Printable posters

Use your most effective images to provide printable posters. This is a great way for buyers to decorate homes, offices and lastly, make the perfect styled video call backdrop.

At an affordable cost, shoppers avoid having to pay or wait for shipping and now have the ability to source their own printers. This means great profit margins for creators too. Format your file for high-quality printing on a larger scale and include a variety of size options so they’ll fit any space. Check out Bigfry’s printable poster and notice the preview showing his framed digital product.

Create similar preview images to show how your poster will look using effective interior Placeit templates here.


Ebooks and e-comics 

Dig out old images and illustrations and add text to create an e-comic. Think of a talent you’ve got or a specific type of content your followers really engage with. Consider creating an Ebook “how-to” guide by designing downloadable PDF sheets and present the best sheets in your listing by putting them into an easy mock-up template.

Bonnie created a Swimsuit poses guide for her fans to follow whilst creating content for social media. Compile your PDF sheets into one compressed (zip) folder and you’re ready to upload. Bonnie’s top digital product promotional techniques are not to be missed either.


Photo filters 

Photo filters are a quick, easy way for your community to enhance the vibe of their imagery. Presets aren’t limited for photographers to sell, content creators and influencers are monetizing their photo filters too. Simply create a customized photo filter using tools such as Lightroom for your fans to apply to their images on mobile or desktop and upload it to the Digital Launcher.

Provide instructions in your product description that buyers can follow to use them after downloading. Consider utilizing image collaging apps such as Canva or Layout so you can provide product preview images that show the ‘before and after’, so your fans will know what to expect. Check out Sadie Aldis’s Full of light preset. 


For extra guidance on digital products to start with and recommended file types, take a look at the digital product catalogue.


Everyone now has access capability to take their merch digital and begin turning their content into downloadable products. In the meantime, begin by preparing your photo filters and other content for upload and sharing. Learn useful tips and next steps to take by visiting your Guide to digital products.







10 responses to “Creating your first digital product

  1. Allie says:

    I’d love to have more details about creating ebooks. Our YouTube show has a cooking segment that we’d like to turn into a cookbook.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      A cook book is an amazing idea! Cook books are usually sold as a PDF 🙂

  2. Raviteja says:

    I have my designs ready to be uploaded in digital products. The doubt I have is how should I be uploading. 1 design of best quality or different sizes of same image for wallpapers of different sizes which can be used on mobile, laptop, tablets etc?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, we recommend including a variation of sizes for all types of device, correct. It’s up to you whether you want to use one design per digital wallpaper listing (and create several) or sell a bundle of different designs in one listing.

  3. Natalie Maldonado says:

    what programs can I use to create an ebook?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey! An e-book is PDF format. You can export documents on Microsoft word, adobe Indesign into PDF’s and there are lots of apps you can create e-books with too 🙂

  4. Harris Martin says:

    Can I use this to sell videos in an mp4 format?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey! We don’t currently support video file types yet. We’re working on it, however!

  5. Teresa says:

    How can I change the digital file that I want to send to customers without creating a new listing? I updated a file and just wanted to provide the latest version of my digital product.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey! You can reach out to [email protected] and they can update your listing for you, or alternatively, simply create a new listing yourself with the new updated file, making the ‘old’ digital product “private” in your settings–making it only visible to you.

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