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Creating lifestyle images for your Teespring products

Featuring your products in lifestyle images is a great way to catch shoppers’ eyes in advertisements and on social networks. We’ve collected a variety of free product lifestyle templates for you to use. Learn how to customize these templates with your own designs below. While you’re here, make sure to take a look at top seller tips on refreshing ad assets and advertising on Instagram.

Don’t have photoshop? Check out Placeit for an easy way to create lifestyle image of your products. You can also order a sample and take photos like these users

1. Download the templates linked above.

The folder contains lifestyle images for several new products (more to come).

2. Select your preferred file format.

In each product/style folder, you will find the mock-up templates in two to three different file formats: .ai, .psd, .png (please note some styles may not be available in .ai)

  • .ai : This format is vector-based and is designed for Adobe Illustrator. Please see step number 3 for step-by-step instructions on how to work with this file.
  • .psd : This format is pixel-based and is designed for Adobe Photoshop. For .psd files, all layers are not flattened which means each layer is still visible and separate. Please skip to step number 4 for a step-by-step guide.
  • .png : This format can be used in GIMP and other basic / free editing software.

3. Editing with Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

Open the file in Adobe Illustrator, once you see the template, double-click on the blue area. The screen will enter into isolation mode. When you are in isolation mode, you will notice the blue box is the only element selected.

Copy and paste your canvas design file onto the template. Move and scale the design as necessary. Please make sure the proportion/placement of the design is similar to the real product. We recommend uploading artwork with your intended background color.

When you’re ready to exit isolation mode click the “arrow” button on the top left of the screen. Then click “save” to save the file in .ai format.

In order to save the image as a .png or .jpg you can select “Save for web” from the “File” tab.

4. Editing with Photoshop (.psd)

After opening the template on Adobe Photoshop, make sure the layers panel is visible. Otherwise, search for the Layers panel by clicking the “Window” tab on the top of the screen.

Once the layers menu appears, double-click on the layer that’s named “Your artwork here”. A pop up will appear automatically which enables you to add your artwork onto the mockup.

Be aware that now you are working on another template file which is comprised of 3 layers. Copy and paste your design on the “Artwork” layer. Adjust the design as necessary.

Then click “save” and the artwork will be automatically be linked and pasted on the original template.

On the original template, click the “File” tab then click “save” to save your work as a .psd file. You can also export the image as a .png or .jpg file by clicking “File” > “save as” and choose a .png format.

Editing with Photoshop continued (iPhone cases and mugs)

For mug templates and iPhone cases please note the Photoshop layers will be slightly different from the other products. There is an additional layer for background color selection. In order to choose your product color please follow these steps:

Please remember that the background of your design file has to be transparent as shown in the sample here.

After placing your artwork as explained in section number 4, double-click on the layer named  “Mug color” and unhide the sub-layers. There will be more than 30 color options listed for you to choose from. Unhide the mug color you’d like to use. Then save your artwork as explained in section number 4 above.

8 responses to “Creating lifestyle images for your Teespring products

  1. John says:

    These are great, thanks for sharing.

  2. car says:

    These are great! I am looking for this sort of template for t-shirts. Is something like that available?

    1. Kris says:

      A lifestyle template for shirts would be great!
      However, in the meantime, what I’ve been doing is once the product is created, screenshotting the product page, and extracting the image of the shirt. I then layer in a background colour- or maybe a texture, some text and sometimes my logo. It seems to be working until I can get some pictures of my friends wearing them, haha.

      1. Tripp says:

        Kris, do you know how to use the lifestyle pictures for the storefront..(example, DeFranco’s storefront is all lifestyle shots)

  3. Erlisse MORGAN says:

    How can I use these T-shirts mocups (the bust ones not the flat ones from launcher)?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, the only mockups available to use in the launcher are the ones we provide. You can use lifestyle images of your Teespring products in your socials to promote your merch.

  4. DRG says:

    If the mock ups on the listings were better, wouldn’t need this. Sharing images is like a 30 step process.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, it’s always better to use images with real life people in your promotional pictures rather than mockup previews!

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