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Easy ways to create holiday-themed merch

The holidays are just around the corner. Is your store ready?

The end of the year can be incredibly profitable for creators as e-commerce sales are projected to grow 10% over last year’s holiday season. Analysts currently predict that we’ll spend more than $1 trillion between the months of November and January.

But the holiday season can also be a very busy time, leaving little room to create brand new designs from scratch. That’s why we’re bringing you some of the easiest and most effective ways to get your designs in the holiday spirit!


1. Tweak your designs to include holiday icons, phrases, and more

Use your own branding to create a strong foundation for holiday theme designs! Incorporate catch phrases, logo elements, or previously used designs into your work.

Use existing Christmas designs to create new Hanukkah designs!

Rework logo tees to include more holiday-friendly designs. Home Free created this Christmas-themed design to promote their upcoming song/music video.

Add simple holiday accents to text-based tees.


 2. Incorporate holiday colors into your designs and products

Try adding red and green accents to an existing design, or create a blue and white version of your logo. Add red, green, blue, etc, products to your arsenal as well. Seasonal colors are a quick way to create holiday themed merchandise your fans will love.


3. Transfer your designs to “ugly holiday sweaters”

The ugly sweater has become somewhat of a universal feature of the holiday season. Easily capitalize on the popularity of this seasonal item by reworking some of your existing, top-selling designs.

Reckful featured his iconic Lamar character in a Santa Suit.

Stacyplays, an animal-themed Minecraft channel, created this limited-edition sweater.


4. Add your design to new products

Once you have your design finalized, be sure to add them to a variety of new products! Launch a decorative poster, or create beach towels for buyers located in warmer clients. Tote bags make great gift carriers, and pillows are a must for home decorations.  Don’t forget holiday mugs for hot cocoa and eggnog!


5. Holiday bundle packs

Encourage buyers to purchase holiday themed ‘merch packs’ of your new designs. Create a homeware listing featuring posters and pillows so that buyers can purchase decoration sets. Mugs are a great add-on to any design, especially ugly holiday sweaters. The combinations are endless.


Have any tips to share? Add them in the comments below!


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