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COVID-19: How we’re prioritizing safety during this time of growth

Last updated: March 31, 2020  

As the global effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we’re making temporary changes to our services and operations to keep production going uninterrupted. Site traffic is the highest it’s ever been and we’ve got all hands on deck to maintain optimum site performance and order processing. Rest assured we’ve got a plan in place to support your business and sales as growth continues in the coming weeks.

Members of Teespring’s support + operations teams at our US facility

We’re in this together

We know many of you are working from home currently and we’ve taken steps to enable all our teams to work from home too. Our support teams are online in full force; if you have questions or need assistance with your products or listings please reach out to For questions or assistance regarding orders please contact

Uninterrupted global production 

Things are changing daily, but we’ve got a plan in place to keep order production going uninterrupted. While all orders are being produced and shipped, some products are experiencing longer delivery times. But don’t worry, we’re notifying your shoppers of impacted shipping timelines on listing pages before purchase as well as in confirmation emails so everyone knows what to expect. Please note we have temporarily paused delivery to certain destinations in Asia and South America—the majority of Teespring orders are destined for the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia, so this should have minimum impact on your overall sales. 

Safety comes first

Thank you for your continued trust in Teespring. Our goal is to support your online business while ensuring the health and safety of our team, users, and customers. Please stay safe and take care!




49 responses to “COVID-19: How we’re prioritizing safety during this time of growth

  1. Thérèse Edwards says:

    If us too difficult to locate your contact info on the mobile site. I’ve had to circle around the site until I came across the email in this notice. If your a good supplier you will want to be contactable.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey there, sorry for the trouble and thanks for the feedback. I will be sure to pass this onto the team!

    2. JenniferSaunders says:

      I am still waiting for help. Sara never contacted me back & i think i need someone who can work with ne on ONE DAMN SHIRT. Can someone pls call me st 817 374 7838 or email me at mu name is jennifer saunders & i hsve been trying for a full week to get my 1 tshirt done that Sara hasn’t been able to help me with. Pls contact me someone. Thank you.very much.

      1. Lucy Ford says:

        Hi Jennifer, could you explain the issue you are having so I can assist you?

  2. C. King says:

    Came looking to see if COVID-19 was the reason I never heard back from support. Apparently not.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey there! Sorry to hear there was an issue, what can we help you with?

  3. Ramkrishna Chakraborty says:

    It is a crucial time for the World,& we have to be united to fight against COVID-19 FOR safety we should stay at Home, wash our hands several times, No Handshake with anyone only NAMASTE

  4. M.A.Rasheed Afsar says:

    I appreciate the steps taken by you .

  5. Rasheed Designer says:

    Excellent step keep it up

  6. Lynn Watson says:

    I just want to check if Teespring allow the publication of Covid-19 t-shirts.
    Thank you.
    Lynn Watson.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Lynn, we have taken the decision not to allow COVID-19 designs on our platform. We had many users exploiting the situation, hence our decision. If you have any more questions about this, please reach out to

  7. Rasheed Designer says:

    We are with you

  8. Dennis Fulton says:

    Having a hard time purchasing your product think I will try eBay better response thank you

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Dennis, sorry to here there was an issue. Don’t forget you can reach out to for support with orders

  9. Gaz says:

    Thank you for the update, all of you take care of yourselves, stay safe and well. we’ll all fight on and beat this together!
    Gaz 🙂

  10. Charles says:

    Support Team,
    As far as selling shirts, tank tops, leggings, hoodies, socks to customers in the US (State Side)….operation as usual?
    I have customers/clients asking me if my product (CompassLifeFitness Apparel) is still available to order… please advise.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hi Charles, yes operation as usual until we update otherwise!

  11. Ameera Groeneveldt says:

    Okay great thank you. I am a new seller and was wondering if you stopped production. stay safe everyone

  12. Alexas says:

    This is great service! I’m in the USA and even though they’re’s Covid-19 in the USA. It still ships with no delays! And besides the point, which is it delivers in the USA, it still delivers internationally! This is a good business. It took some time to print my shirt which is totally fine. It took about 5-10 days. But that’s normal. And when I saw it was shipping, I got so excited! This is smart keeping everything sanitized. I want to thank y’alls workers!

    Sincerely, your customer, Alexas.

  13. Okan says:

    Hi. I cant see where my package is. Can you help me about it? 🙂

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey, you can track your order here. Alternatively, you can reach out to if you have additional queries about your order.

  14. Penny Gates says:

    Searching for an answer (Teespring’s Help did not provide one). My question is regarding placing an order for a T-shirt. The shirt is shown with printing on the front and back. I like and want the printing on the front, but not the back. I prefer the back to be left blank. Since the listing states that these are printed when ordered, can my request be granted? I started to checkout but I stopped when there was no box or place for me to ask this question. The item in question is one of the “Hollywood Graveyard” shirts. Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hi Penny it depends if you are ordering a T-shirt that someone else designed or one that you designed. If you ordered a T-shirt from someone else it is their design, so it will not be possible to print it with only one side. If it is your product, you can create the product again with only one side. Hope that makes sense. Please reach out to if you need more support with this

  15. Larry Schellink says:

    As a new seller, I’ve submitted the question on how I can limit the items displayed to a single listing for a design instead of all the various other products showing up in the store. I want those options to be available after a design is selected. The way it is now I have way too many of the same design in various product options showing on the page. How do I do accomplish that ?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Larry, you can achieve this by following these steps. Hope that helps!

  16. M O says:

    I sent an e-mail about not being able to change my password and have not heard back. I thought I’d try contacting you this way and see if I can get a response. You should have my name and e-mail address attached to this message. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. M O says:

      Thank you for fixing my issue. 🙂

      1. Lucy Ford says:

        Hey there, did your issue get resolved?

  17. bayt alnafea says:

    You are a great staff. So your site was great too. I wish you all the best and safety from all evil

  18. partha says:

    Thank you, the teespring support teem for your information and save your health from COVID-19.

  19. Pat hayes says:

    Thanks for doing the staysafe discount.

  20. daniela says:

    thanks for the update and keeping everyone safe! I appreciate you and all you do!

  21. Desiree Boyden says:

    Hello i place and order and did recived it But it was Totally Wrong how can i return it and get my MONEY BACK PLZ SEND ME A FREE UPS SHIPMENT LABLE TO MAIL THE ITEMS BACK PLZ

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Desiree, please shoot an email to for assitance!

  22. Norman G. says:

    Thanks Teespring team for all your efforts, and take care !

  23. Owila Tapio says:

    will things still be shipped and arrived when said due to covid-19 🤔🤔🤔

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Owila, as said in the blog post we’ve got a plan in place to keep order production going uninterrupted. While all orders are being produced and shipped, some products are experiencing longer delivery times. Please check out our answers page on impacted shipping times for more info.

  24. Phidelix says:

    How many sales do I have to make before I get a trustscore.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Over time, the longer a seller has a Teespring account and commits no policy violations their trust score can improve. Also, when sellers hit certain sales milestones it can contribute to a raised score.

  25. Arun Kumar srivastava says:

    Thank you dear sir, for your information. Lord’s health was good, stay at home..

  26. Olivier from Allure Culture says:

    Thank you Teespring. Your team is doing a great job given the situation of Covid-19 in California and Europe. You are amazing. Keep safe and stay healthy. Teleworking, social distancing, washing hands and not touching the face are still very effective measures.

  27. Jaison k jose says:

    You are a great staff. So your site was great too. I wish you all the best.
    May dear lord bless uhh more Amen

  28. Jps says:

    Thank you for teespring support for your teem COVID 19

  29. Anila Singh says:

    Thanks for your great efforts.
    Wish you all the best!

  30. Tangerine Jones says:

    How are you ensuring that factory workers/printers are safe too? You mention that you’re still up and running and that support workers are working remotely, but what steps are you taking to ensure that production workers are safe too? I’m interested in ordering more shirts, but don’t want to be participating in anything that would put workers in unnecessary danger.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hello! We are following safety regulations outlined by state and federal officials to ensure the safety of our team. Keeping our employees, customers, and users safe is our top priority. Thanks for your concern!

  31. Suraj sachan says:

    Thank you for teespring support all team.

  32. Suraj sachan says:

    Thank you very much for all teespring team and very much helping details COVID-19

  33. Sundar sharma says:

    Thank you for teespring support for your teem COVID 19

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