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An interview with Chuck Tingle

Chuck Tingle is a Hugo Award–nominated erotic science fiction writer who lives in Billings, Montana. He received his PhD in holistic massage from DeVry University and is a Tae Kwon Do grandmaster.

Read on to learn more about Dr. Tingle’s fashion tastes and inspirations. He discusses creative advice (“make designs that prove love”), conversational starters (“totes all have names…you can just ask your tote its name when you get it and it will tell you if it is not shy”), and compliments (“buckaroos TROTTING in tingle shirts they look so nice and they are smiling!”).

All of Dr. Tingle’s responses have been reprinted verbatim.

Teespring: What size shirt do you wear, and what is your favorite color?

Dr. Tingle: man name of chuck wears a LARGE SHIRT sometimes even bigger like EXTRAS LARGE but only if i want to horse around and move with freedom like if i was running a race or trotting at the park. so mostly just large size and also son jon wears a large too. TOP COLOR is color name of blues and also green because this is the way it looks when i am looking out my window at BILLINGS MY CITY it is so nice to look at! it has a beauitful way!

Teespring: What is your favorite item in the “Chuck Tingle’s Shirts for Buds” store?tote.png

Favorite item is store is HANDSOME LIVING TOTE because it is a way for buckaroos to bring home a real sentient living object to become buds with maybe learn eachothers way though traditional horseplay. so then you can put your new paperback tinglers in a tote bag and carry them around wherever you go you will be so COOL! then when other buckaroos see you they will KNOW you prove love and they will understand that LOVE IS REAL for you and your handsome tote bag (totes all have names one is named Borto Lorn and the others have names too you can just ask your tote its name when you get it and it will tell you if it is not shy)

Teespring: When and how did you first decide to sell merchandise on Teespring?

Dr. Tingle: well my son name of jon (he is so cool and handsome everyone in the neighborhood thinks he is the best guy) i told him that i wanted to make shirts and he said ‘I HAVE A BUD WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS’ then he emailed his bud and then we sent some designs back and forth but mostly it was me sending my designs to jon and his friend and they help post them online for me. it is a very fun thing to do when you want to PROVE LOVE and let all of your fans know that you have nice shirt designs. everyone likes them a lot they are very proud to wear them and they look so nice.


Teespring: Do HARD BUDS or TRUE BUCKAROOS send you pictures of themselves wearing your designs? How does that make you feel?

Dr. Tingle: yes i get pictures ALL THE TIME of buckaroos TROTTING in tingle shirts they look so nice and they are smiling! this is a good way it makes me so happy and makes me think that if they see other buckaroos on the town they can say ‘you look like you UNDERSTAND BOOKS i want to know your way’ then they say ‘i want to know your way too it is a good way!’ and then they are friends forever.


Teespring: How did you come up with the idea/design for the “Handsome Living Tote Bag”? Do you think you will write a book about it? If you did, what would it be about?

Dr. Tingle: well the handsome living tote idea was just part of the idea i have for all tinglers which is ‘HOW CAN I PROVE LOVE?’ this is what all bucks should think every day, and part of this thought is to imagine a way of PUSHING LIMITS OF ART so maybe think “what can a shirt be?” or “what can a tote be?” maybe we could look at a tote design and think that it is a design of itself and thats a design of itself and thats a design of itself going on and on forever. this is the way of The Tingleverse (many timelines in a stack that is infinate) so also maybe it is a good way for a tote.

Teespring: What is your favorite item of clothing (it doesn’t have to be t-shirts)?

Dr. Tingle: thank you favorite item of clothing is my tai kwon do uniform (almost known as HANDSOME GI) it makes me feel like a handsome man and i wear it for tai kwon do class and when i kick (very high) i am almost a black belt hopefully one day i will be so i can have more powers

Teespring: Do you have any creative advice for aspiring t-shirt designers and writers out there?

Dr. Tingle: YES top advice is to make designs that prove love. this is number one of all timelines. ALWAYS THINK does this prove love? if the anwser is yes then you are OFF TO THE RACES BUCKAROO


2 responses to “An interview with Chuck Tingle

  1. Ted Cobbler says:

    I have evidence that Chuck Tingle faked his doctorate in holistic medicine and has a long history of horseplay with the nefarious Domald Tromp. He is not to be trusted, no matter how supple his calves might be.

  2. wealhtheow says:

    This interview is amazing and immediately made me want to buy more Tingle products. Thank you for proving love is real, Dr. Tingle.

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