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A little stitch in how we work with Twitch

Heads up! Teespring’s partnership with Twitch will be coming to an end on Monday, July 24th.

Worry not—your Teespring account isn’t going away, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the full benefits of the Teespring platform, including higher profit margins and more products to sell (including pillows and posters). Read on for more information!

Can I still use Teespring?

Of course! And we hope you keep using Teespring!

What’s the difference between Twitch-branded Teespring and normal Teespring?

You’ll be paid higher profits and will be able to sell on many more products. The main difference is that you won’t be able to sell apparel with the Twitch logo on the sleeve.

Check out the following resources in our training center to learn more:

How do I log into Teespring after July 24th?

After July 24th, you will be able to log into your account from Teespring directly, not via Twitch. Here’s how to claim your login information:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the email associated with your Twitch account
  3. You will receive a password reset email from Teespring
  4. Done!

What happens to my past and current listings that were launched through Twitch?

All campaigns will end on July 24th, and campaigns that were set to end beyond that date will be relaunched on equivalent products without the Twitch sleeve branding.

All campaigns that end after July 24th will look like normal Teespring listing (see example here). The main difference is that they will not have the purple Twitch banner at the top, but custom information like your title and description will remain the same. There’s also no need to change the URL; for example, will simply redirect to

What happens to my payouts? How do I get them now?

All campaigns that ended on July 24th or earlier will still be paid out through Twitch in September per their normal payment schedule. Profits from sales after July 24th will be paid out through Teespring, which you can claim as soon as your products go to print. Select the “payouts” tab in your Teespring dashboard to enter your payment information (more information on payouts here).

Can I still have my products be fulfilled globally so my international buyers have access to cheaper shipping?

Yes, absolutely! It won’t be automatic, so you’ll have to create a duplicate listing and submit a form for them to be linked in the back end (we’ll send out detailed instructions on this next week). It’s super easy—we’ll send out a how-to video next week.

Will I still need to wait to get my campaigns approved before the launch?

Nope! Assuming that you have the rights to your design, your listing will go live as soon as you click launch.

Who should I email if I have questions about using Teespring?

After July 24th, all emails to will be forwarded to our general support email, All support staff will be trained to answer your questions to make your transition to Teespring as smooth as possible 🙂

I really liked the Twitch shirts—what brand were they, and can I still use them?

Yes! Twitch tees were made by Next Level, and you can find those under “Basic Tees” in the Teespring Launcher.

Can I still use the Twitch logo in my design?

No—after July 24th you will not be able to use the logo without express permission from Twitch.



5 responses to “A little stitch in how we work with Twitch

  1. Patrick Lane says:

    Will standard quality be the same?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Patrick, yes it will! If you want to continue offering the same tees (Twitch tees are made by Next Level), you can find this brand under “Premium Tees” in the Teespring Launcher.

  2. Arbaaz Ibrahim says:


    I wasn’t aware of Twitch before this and, I don’t know how it works or used to work. I’ve just been using Teespring. On the Teespring website I’ve not come across Twitch.
    Can someone help me out here please?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Arbaaz, don’t worry—this update is relevant to Twitch casters only. If you’re not familiar with Twitch this change will not impact you. 😉

      1. arbaaz says:

        Thank you.

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