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Brian LaRoche: one year with Teespring, semi-retired and living in paradise

Brian LaRoche sits in his house in Belize, writing answers to our interview questions over email. He started selling with Teespring on January 5, 2015 and one year later finds himself fulfilling his lifelong dream; on January 14, 2016 Brian moved to paradise to semi-retire and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Once in Belize, Brian used his Teespring earnings to purchase his new home, a vehicle and revel in his newfound freedom.

“I love my Teespring Life. I’m going on 2.5 yrs and it’s been the best business decision of my life. I am finally working smarter not harder and doing it all from paradise. Since joining Teespring I have fulfilled a few dreams and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.”

Living the dream in paradise—Brian’s new waterfront home in Belize

Brian’s success story is inspiring and a bit surprising, like so many top Teespring sellers he didn’t start out with a lot of experience selling online (contrary to what you might expect!). Brian originally got involved in the custom apparel business with his mom back in 1997. They opened a small 250 sq. ft t-shirt printing shop back when Shinko Thermal Wax Printers were around.

“Back then we could only print on white & ash grey apparel, white crown hats, mouse pads & coffee mugs. But we made it work and within 2 years expanded to a 5,000 sq. ft building, where we added a vinyl/graphic shop, upgraded to Roland ColorCamm Printers, so we could offer colored apparel. Even though we worked harder than smarter I wouldn’t change those days for anything. Love you Mom.”

Fast forward ten or so years and Brian began trying his hand at selling online. He used a variety of platforms before settling on Teespring in 2015. After finding Teespring, much of Brian’s success can be attributed to his smart niche selection. Whenever he enters a new niche market he makes sure it’s evergreen, so that he can focus on selling to it year-round. He also looks for effective ways to connect existing niches to new niches, so he can utilize his existing audiences. For example, he’s currently focusing on the “Autism” niche.

“I approached the Autism niche with the mindset of ‘How I can bring Autism into my existing niches and customer base.’ Let’s say I’m in the horse niche, I would get my design message lined out and then in my artwork of the horse, I would either make the saddle & reins ‘Autism Blue’ with some puzzle pieces or I would make my horse blue with puzzle pieces as the spots. I could go create a generic autism design and compete with everyone else, but I prefer to stay with my niches and what I know. If you’re targeting a niche like this I would recommend donating—I usually donate at least 10% of my profits and add a Verified Donation Badge to each listing.”

As Teespring releases new products Brian is also finding new ways to market them to his existing audiences. Instead of putting his t-shirt designs on pillows, he is creating new, universal design messages that could work in many of his niches. He said this tactic has allowed him to find instant success with pillows as he’s “thinking outside the living room pillow box”. When promoting a new product to previous buyers his first step is to contact them via email/buyer messaging. Then he will post the new product to his Facebook fan pages. To date, Brian has enjoyed a lot of success with pillows and said he is looking forward to selling more new products in the future.

“I test all of my new designs and products on my pages. My pages range from 5k to 100k likes. I test by running Ads to “People Who Like My Page” if I find success there, I will create a few ads for the masses.”

Brian mentioned another important element to his success is generating additional organic sales. By scheduling Teespring product posts around the clock, Brian consistently promotes his products to page followers and gives his audience content to engage with and share.

We look forward to seeing what Brian does next and can’t wait for more photos and videos of his adventures in Belize! Thank you for sharing your story Brian!

“I just want to say I love the Teespring Life. I am achieving all my dreams. I sometimes can’t believe it’s real. Working smarter not harder! Good luck to all!”

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45 responses to “Brian LaRoche: one year with Teespring, semi-retired and living in paradise

  1. LeandroNup says:

    How are you guys?

    1. Treasure says:

      Hey I’m new here

    2. youssef says:

      Hi guys. I am very happy to have you here in teespring . I wish you good luck in your sale i’am so happy with you 🙂

  2. Mahjoob says:

    That is really inspiring and i wanna know what to do here to live like you , travel as much as you can , buy my mom a lovely home like yours , i really enjoy designing but i don’t know how to find buyers , somebody help me please & i well be thankful .
    Love , Respect ,Happiness .

  3. Tim Banks says:

    Very inspiring The niche advice was pretty helpful! I been wanting to visit Belize ????????

    1. Bridget Sauer says:

      Us too! Happy that this article was useful for you.

      1. julien hamel says:

        <3 !

  4. Blake Fruia says:

    Just wondering how do you target a specific audience?
    I have made several designs and can’t get even one sale …

  5. Baley morlock says:

    You seem to be a good person

  6. lubna says:

    I have zeron moey ,
    can I start ?

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Yes – using Teespring is free! 🙂

      1. Treasure says:

        Hey Kate

        1. Kate Shoaf says:

          Hey! 🙂

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  7. Loani Banks says:

    I would love to follow your journey on Instagram follow me if you can @LoaniBanks or respond with your Ig name and I’ll follow you.

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  9. kat says:

    Any advice on how to market the tees – much appreciated 🙂

    thanks for your awesome and inspiring story 🙂

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  11. Kevin says:

    Brian how can I get in contact with you?

  12. mercy says:

    hi, am a newbie here… i can only success

    1. mercy says:

      meant can only see success

  13. Rizky maulana says:

    Bagaimana cara menjualnya

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hai Rizky, Anda bisa mencari tahu lebih banyak tentang cara kerja Teespring di sini.

  14. Connie Varnes says:

    Your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing about how you incorporate your a new niche into an older one. I have been taking a marketing course and know about finding the right niche and where to go to place ads , etc. What I’m having a hard time with, which is embarrassing, because I should know, is putting it all together. I wanted to get my own website and use Teespring to get my products and put the pics on my site and sell, but can I do that or do I have to sell on Teespring? Either way I need to know how to make my website or make a site with Teespring and get it up and running. If you or someone from Teespring could give me some pointers, I would be very grateful! Thank you in advance.

  15. Filamie says:

    This is awe-inspiring and you motivate me to try my best to work hard.

  16. Rudik says:

    Ok thanks

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  19. youssef says:

    hi guys . i’am so happy with you here in teespring

  20. Isuckatdesign says:

    cool! I’m inspired to sell!

  21. Lavinia says:

    Thanks so much for the inspiring story, I loved your concept of inserting one niche into another and morphing it out like that. Very brilliant.
    Am just starting out so hope I can follow in your footsteps and ROCK this online selling gig, while selling my tee shirts with a catchy and educational message.

  22. howard campbell says:

    I am so interesting in the program but need someone to teach me please anyone

  23. SHOCKPROOF.CO says:

    Congratulations! Great story!

  24. haze says:

    I completely believe hard work/smart work pays off in due time.
    Very inspiring story!

  25. matheuscurti says:

    awesome creative…

  26. ari says:

    wow it is so wonderful, always healthy and lots of luck

  27. Abraham says:

    Hello everyone I am new here and I am really excited to try this out. I do work a full time job and 6 months ago got my rwal estate lic. My goal is to be 100% home with my wife and kids. I will work hard at this to make it happen! Much success to everyone here????

  28. syed awais ali shah says:

    please anwser me in how many time my t_shirt will sell

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Syed, you can check out your t-shirt sales by going onto your dashboard in your Teespring account.

  29. Gellisa Lin says:

    How are we going to get people to buy this?

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