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Teespring’s Boosted Network: no cost, no risk, just profit

Over the last six months our team has worked tirelessly to strengthen unique partnerships with global marketplaces, negotiate unbeatable deals, and gain access to exclusive features to create a powerful proposition for our sellers. This is only the beginning. We are adding new marketplaces and unlocking new geographies to break down barriers and get your products in front of millions of shoppers around the world.

Boosted Network benefits

The Boosted Network offers an invaluable brand advantage to Teespring sellers—you get all the following multi-platform features in one, central account. This collection of features can’t be attained through any individual vendor account or through any other platform integration.

End-to-end Integration

You get the total package when you sell with Teespring. We offer full marketplace integration support—Teespring adds your products to the Boosted Network, optimizes your listings, handles order fulfillment, and provides customer service too.

Zero Cost

There is zero risk (no listing fees), zero cost (no promotional effort or investment required), and zero limits to the number of products that can be listed and sold on Teespring’s Boosted Network.

Protected Brand Status

Teespring’s brand has a protected status within each marketplace—adding a vital level of defense against hijackers and copycats.

Trusted Ratings

Thousands of positive product reviews push your listings to the top of search results leading to more impressions and sales for your listings. Teespring is the only on-demand platform on Amazon, Wish, and eBay to be listed within the “Top Rated Seller” category.


New guaranteed profit structure

Starting on December 1st we will implement a new profit structure which will allow us to scale listing capacity—more listings will result in more sales for Teespring sellers. The guaranteed profit structure offers simple, straightforward profit margins for your Boosted Network sales. You can see the exact profit you will earn per product type in the table below.

Guaranteed Profit will take effect starting on December 1st to facilitate the rapid scaling of product inventory. You will notice the profit changes applied to any current and future Boosted Network orders within your Teespring Dashboard once this is activated. Sellers with existing orders (pre-guaranteed profit) will receive an email regarding their pending profit on December 1st.


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