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Best selling products in the EU for the holiday season ☃️


There is so much potential when it comes to selling in Europe! If you’ve launched a successful campaign in the US it’s easy to adapt your best selling designs for EU markets too. Just send your designs to the Teespring Languages Department and we can help you translate them for new global markets (this service is free once you’ve sold a minimum of 100 units)!

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Getting to know EU markets

When marketing your designs to the EU, it’s important to know what type of products these buyers are interested in – check out this handy infographic we’ve created for you (see above)! 


  •  The UK is super cold during the winter months – go for the hoodies!
  • Tea has always been the nation’s favorite drink. As much as 165 million cups of tea are consumed every day! Who wouldn’t like to cozy up on the sofa and watch a film with a personalized mug of tea in a warm hoodie? 


  • German weather is a 4-season climate (Spring: March, April, May/ Summer: June, July, August/ Autumn: September, October, November/ Winter: December, January, February) and the average temperature is estimated at 9°C for all the country. Remember to include a variety of products in your campaigns and lead with cold-weather items during Autumn and Winter.
  • Germany has one of the strongest economies in the EU; the average net income per month is estimated at 2,054 so don’t hesitate to increase your sale prices targeting the German market!


  • You are targeting one of the most passionate, loyal people when it comes to food, regional identities and of course coffee. 
  • Football (soccer) remains the most followed and practiced sport in Italy. Go for the t-shirts when designing football themed campaigns.

Don’t forget, add our new products like mugs and tote bags. They will be great for the holiday season; tote bags for new style Christmas stockings and mugs for hot chocolate or mulled wine. YUM! 

Reminder: If you need any translations for your current English campaigns and have sold over 100 items with Teespring, contact us at >> [email protected].

And don’t forget –  you need to select EU fulfillment when creating your European campaigns.



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