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Be the first to join the digital revolution with Teespring

Digital products are non-physical assets sold by means of a downloadable link online, they can be anything from a e-service, e-book, digital event, printable product, and much more! Now everyone’s got access to the Digital Launcher, enter the world of digital products and monetize your content, digitizing your merch line. Allow your community to purchase and download any product imaginable—from photo filters to audio files, wallpapers to e-comics. 


Taking your merch game digital

As a content creator, you’ve got everything you need. It’s never been easier to tailor your digital products to your community by transforming your creative content into downloadable products. Share knowledge and skills with e-books, transfer illustrations and images into wallpapers, podcasts into audiobooks, or share your presets and filters for fans to apply to their photos.


Discover endless possibilities for your content 

The beauty of digital products for creators (like you) is that they’re an easy way to provide a constant stream of digital creations to your fans with minimal effort and low maintenance. Digital product files are accessible to anyone across the globe.

Here’s why you should take this opportunity to build on your brand using digital products and revolutionize your fans’ commerce experience. 

  • Worldwide availability. There’s no shipping or logistics to consider. It’s as easy as uploading your content. 
  • Higher profit margins allow you to upload digital products for your community for free, while you set the profit.
  • Tap into a world of unlimited options. Digital products are limitless. Almost every type of creative content can be applied to a product no matter what kind of industry your content and community fit into. This is the perfect opportunity for you to try new things, offer your fans new skills, knowledge and share your creations. Easy peasy. 
  • Be the one of the first to start uploading and reach digitally-savvy audiences just waiting for your innovative digital products.


Everyone now has access capability to take their merch digital and begin turning their content into downloadable products. In the meantime, begin by preparing your digital product to upload and start selling–begin by learning about launching your first digital product. 





7 responses to “Be the first to join the digital revolution with Teespring

  1. ahmad zoabi says:

    great step I was considering selling digital products but all other options are very costly and no success guaranteed at the beginning so you made it easy and possible now, but does it work like the merch stores I mean is it possible to open my own store for digital products

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey there! We’re glad to hear you’re excited about the new Digital Launcher 😉 Digital products are like regular merch items. They can be added to your current stores. You don’t have to make a new storefront!

      1. Md Ashraf says:

        I am ready to connect to digital and sell light products..

  2. Ayesha says:

    Oh that’s great

  3. Daniel Crandall says:

    Nice. Can you bundle digital and physical products together? As a musician, it would be cool to be able to sell a t-shirt and music bundle.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey Daniel! You can add these products to the same storefront but not to the same listings. T-shirt and music sounds great! Audio files are doing well with creators so far.

  4. Andrian Noor says:

    Wow! It is awesome. I will in, and I’m very proud to be part of this community!

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