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April’s top selling events you won’t want to miss

After the success of International Women’s Day themed campaigns we want to keep the momentum going! April is right around the corner and there are several events you should start planning for. This month you’ll also have more opportunities to get your products featured in Teespring’s buyer marketing campaigns. Continue reading to learn more. 

Top selling events to plan for this April

There are several important events coming up in April. These include Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Autism Awareness Month, World Autism Awareness Day and Earth Day. You should also start launching Mother’s Day and Father’s Day themed campaigns—we will start promoting products for these events in April (they’re some of the top selling events of the year).

We’ll share more design inspiration, selling insight, and top product trends over the coming weeks to help you maximize your sales for these events. Remember to keep campaign cutoff dates and shipping timelines in mind if you’re launching campaigns for World Autism Awareness Day and Earth Day (more info below).


Get your products in front of more buyers

Please note Earth Day, Autism Awareness and Parkinson’s Awareness campaigns must have a verified donation badge to get featured. Follow these steps to get your campaigns in front of millions of potential buyers:

  1. Launch a campaign featuring a design related to one of the events listed above.
  2. Include the correct hashtag in your campaign description (i.e. if you have a Mother’s Day design add the hashtag #MothersDay2017 to your campaign description).
  3. Set your campaign lifecycle to continuous relaunch or always available.


Boost your sales with a verified donation badge

If you’ve read about Matt Rudinski’s fundraiser on Teespring (raised $400k in 10 days) you know just how powerful a verified donation badge can be! We know people are more willing to support a cause (i.e. convert on your campaigns) when they know where the funds are going.

Conversion rates for verified donation campaigns are 45% higher than non-verified fundraising campaigns.

For this reason, we’d like to encourage all Teespring Creators who are selling designs around Autism Awareness, Earth Day and Parkinson’s Awareness Month to donate a portion of their profits. Please note we will ONLY feature campaigns with verified donation badges in our buyer marketing campaigns for these specific events.

Remember, you can select the organization you want to donate to as well as the donation amount during the campaign launch process. If you need to add a donation badge to a campaign that has already launched please contact [email protected] Also, if you would like to donate to a charity that is not available in our database (as shown above), please launch your campaign and contact [email protected] with the following information:

  • campaign URL
  • name of the organization
  • official website
  • registered address
  • contact person at the organization

Keep in mind only certified, non-profit organizations are eligible to be the recipient of the “Verified Donation” badge—this means qualified 501c3 charity groups or non-profit organizations in the US and recognized non-profits in the UK, Europe and rest of the world.

Shipping cutoff dates to keep in mind

World Autism Awareness Day and Earth Day are coming up fast; make sure to remind customers to check rush shipping options once we pass the cutoff dates (“Want this product in time for Earth Day? Please see rush shipping options at checkout”). Learn more about rush shipping and delivery timelines here.



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