How to report a listing

If you discover a listing on Teespring you think could be offensive or potentially problematic please report it using the 'Report this listing' link. The link is located directly below the green "Add to cart"

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Can I sell designs I buy online?

Have you ever purchased a design or pre-made design element from sites like Creative Fabrica, Placeit, etc. to sell on a print-on-demand (POD) product? It’s common for websites to offer designs for a one-time fee

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Filing a Counter Notice (IP claim)

If you believe that removal of your content is the result of a mistake (for example, that you have authorization) or misidentification, you can send us a counter notice through our Counter Notice Form.   Such counter

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Filing an Intellectual Property Claim

The IP Claim Form is available for individuals who would like to report infringement on their legally registered artwork. Only use this form if you have a copyright or trademark registration number or if you

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