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Announcing: Teespring shopping cart


Today marks one of the most exciting moments of 2016; the launch of Teespring Shopping Cart! Cart is aimed at amplifying your holiday sales, enabling your shoppers to grab a gift for every member of their family. Let’s get rolling!


Many Creators might have caught a glimpse of cart already being tested on their pages. These early cart tests have allowed us to fine tune the user experience of adding multiple items throughout the discovery flow. As of today, we’ve boosted cart to show on 100% of campaign pages! Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Average basket size has increased by 10% already – with future updates to both cross-sells and up-sells, this figure will increase even more.
  • Buyers can now order from any of your campaigns – even if they end on different dates!
  • Creators have the ability to influence design recommendations by grouping together related designs in your storefronts.


Other designs from this Creator’s storefront are recommended at checkout


Shopping Cart FAQs

Can I opt into or out out of shopping cart?

Shopping cart will be available to every buyer that purchases on Teespring. This ensures everyone has the optimal buying experience and in turn benefits Creators!

Can buyers add items from campaigns that aren’t mine?

Yes – buyers will be able to add as many different products from different Creators as they like. The great diversity of product offerings on Teespring keeps shoppers coming back – encouraging repeat shopping on your campaigns!

Can my buyers purchase from US and EU fulfilled campaigns?

Yes – while we default to recommending campaigns from the same fulfilment region – buyers can purchase any item they discover on the site.

If a buyer purchases from campaigns that end on different dates, when will they get their orders?

Buyers can purchase products from different campaigns that have different end dates – orders will be fulfilled according to the delivery details of each distinct campaigns. We will keep buyers informed of the status of all of their items within the order, so there should be no confusion about the delivery dates.

Is there a rush shipping option for cart?

Yes – buyers will be able to select rush shipping as long as all items in their cart are eligible for rush. If one of the items is not eligible, the buyer will not be able to select rush shipping. We are actively working to continue expanding the inventory of products for which rush is eligible!

Do I have to create a storefront to have my other products recommended to buyers?

No – you don’t have to create a storefront in order to have your other products recommended to buyers. That being said, grouping similar designs within storefronts helps us show your buyers more designs similar to the one they’ve already shown interest in. Creating storefronts will help you take advantage of cross-selling!




2 responses to “Announcing: Teespring shopping cart

  1. B says:

    I began to purchase a design I made. I can no longer find it. Where is MY shopping cart?

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey there! You should be able to access your listing from with the Products section of your Teespring account.

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